Asia River Game

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Hit the deck and go for a wild ride downriver with out Asia River Game!  It’s simple – pick up your travel buddies, keep the boat steady and check out unique sights along the way (a floating restaurant in Vietnam, monks in Cambodia, a Thai cooking class, and the great elephants of Laos!)

Keep that boat afloat and rack up an impressive score… for a chance to win Contiki’s Vietnam Highlights for you and a friend.  How sweet is that?

Play HERE!

About the trip: you’ll experience the culture and nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In Nha Trang kick back, relax, and soak up the rays on the beaches, snorkel or swim. Bike around the UNESCO heritage center in Hoi An and chill out in Halong Bay aboard a traditional junk boat.  This trip is a blend of East meets West; and you’ll experience all of it!

Contiki River Game

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  1. This is a fun loving game i enjoy it or ask my bfriend to play the game it is lovelly game….

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