Rubbing elbows with royalty

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The Tower Bridge in London
Westminster Abbey, site of the royal wedding

Top of the mornin’ to ya!  It’s the one month countdown to the wedding of the year – that’s right, Prince William and Kate Middleton are tying the knot on Friday, April 29, 2011. Who wouldn’t want to see history in the making and rub some elbows with royalty?  The opportunity won’t arise again for decades!  The nuptials of the future King and Queen of England is going to be the event of the year, and one of the many reasons why London is the place to be right now.

Contiki Basement in London

It’s no wonder that Contiki starts off many of our European itineraries in London, because it is the hub of so much history – and who doesn’t love all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with it all? Many of you traveling to Europe with Contiki will get a chance to visit the  Contiki Basement in London, a great place to meet other travelers, hang out, get information, and book activities!

Let’s also not forget that London is also the future site of the 2012 Summer Olympics. If you want to take part in the Olympic fever and will be traveling to London this summer, why not participate in the Olympics “Open Weekend,” a one-year Olympic countdown celebration happening July 22-24 that will showcase all the best that the UK has to offer in art, film, dance, and sport!  That sounds like a pretty good reason to celebrate Summer 2011 in Europe, no?

So get going!  Get to London – and don’t forget that Contiki has some cool deals to help you get there, such as matching your deposit to some of our popular destinations, or shaving off $350 off your Summer Europe trip when you book airfare with us.  What are you waiting for?

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