Popcorn & shenanigans at Contiki!

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Welcome to Contiki!

Here at Contiki, we’re always working hard to make sure that our travelers get a hassle-free and absolutely fun experience from their vacation.  We live, eat, and breathe travel – and we find new innovative ways to stay motivated and have fun ourselves so we can create a great experience for YOU. Here’s a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes here at Contiki!


Allyson Carpenter, getting her popcorn on!

Hm, something smells good… Buttery and fluffy popcorn scents are wafting through our nostrils – could it be?  Yes!  Free popcorn in our offices!  Sweet!  And it’s not the microwaveable variety either – no sir!  We fancy, huh?

The Travel Corporation is hooking up all employees with the real deal!  In our lobby, sits a grand old fresh popcorn machine touting hot, fluffy goodness.  We’re going to have fresh popcorn served every day until April 11, 2011 – a great snack alternative when the vending machine goodies start looking dull.  Hip hip hooray!

Our Junior Graphic Designer testing his pong skills

But we can’t rack up those popcorn calories either! Often times, we get so wrapped up in staring at our computers that we spend our entire time at work sitting in a chair and straining our eyes.  People are always reminding us to stay active and that sitting behind a desk all day is not good for us.

So, Contiki employees took a short break to play a some ‘water pong’ to get our blood pumping and give us an energy boost from good ol’ adrenaline!

Our Graphic Designer showing good form

Our Graphic designer, Andrea, and our Junior Graphic Designer, Eric, both tried their hands at launching ping pong balls in plastic cups filled with water.  Sure beats climbing the stairs up and down for exercise – always working hard and playing hard here at Contiki!

All these shenanigans!  Don’t worry – I’m sure there will be much more in store as April Fools’ Day comes around this Friday.

What kind of pranks, shenanigans, or cool things are happening at your school/work?

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