Grab a Passport and Go! April 9th is Passport Day in the USA.

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You could be here….with a passport!

You’ve been dreaming about and planning for your vacation abroad all year long.  Will it be EuropeAustralia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada, or Mexico?  Wherever you plan on going this summer, now’s the best time to get your hands on that shiny blue booklet known as the passport. Why? Because tomorrow is Passport Day in the USA!

CNN reported on Why more Americans don’t travel abroad, and out of “the 308 million-plus citizens in the United States, 30% have passports.”  What??  We want everyone to go out and see the world!  Yet, you can’t do that without a passport.

Passport Day in the USA 2011 is the opportunity for you to change all that!  Tomorrow, those offices will open their doors (on a SATURDAY) and help you and your family with all your passport needs – and if you already have a passport, why not get some extra pages or renew your passport?  No excuses, people!

Once you get your passport squared away, prepare to collect those international stamps and book that trip!  We’re taking $200 off any of the Get on the Bus trips or even Summer Europe, if that’s more your flavor.  Grab a passport and go!

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