Happy Birthday, Contiki!

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Contiki is celebrating our 49th birthday today.  That’s right – it all started with a New Zealander named John Anderson who went to London to embark on a journey through Europe.  Click to find out more about Contiki’s story and read how it all began!

Happy 49th Birthday, Contiki!

As a token of appreciation for all employees, what better way than to pop a little bit of bubbly (Martinelli’s sparkling cider of course!)  We had to give the bottles a little bit of Contiki swagger and we even included some trivia questions about Contiki to remind us of 49 years providing unforgettable vacations for 18-35 year old’s.   We’ll include the trivia questions here on the blog sometime soon – so stay tuned for a chance to test your Contiki knowledge!

Celebrate good times, come on!

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