The Round-the-World Chocolate Tour

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In honor of Chocolate Day (today!), we’ve got a sinfully delicious guest blog post from Kelley Last, Contiki traveler and lover of chocolate (but who isn’t?)  Enjoy this fun round-the-world chocolate tour, and then go indulge in some confectionery delights yourself!


One of the best reasons to travel is the opportunity to find (and eat) different kinds of chocolate! Sure, there’s the centuries-old castles, walking the streets of history and understanding different cultures… but really, eating local food and tasting new candy is also a very convincing reason to go! (Why does chocolate taste SO much better when you’re on vacation?) I love finding cocoa treasures in other countries, and stuffing my carry-on bags with a stash of sugared goods to dig into once I’m home. I get giddy when I discover new and delicious confections!

So here’s my list of some of the world’s best chocolate, along with the Contiki itineraries that will allow you to indulge in them!

Germany is the home of the beloved Kinder company. They make a variety of yummy treats including the Bueno. But my favorite is the Kinder Surprise! I mean, it’s got milk chocolate, white chocolate AND a toy inside! It really doesn’t get any better than that.

The Germans also created Ritter Sport! The chocolate is so rich, and so flavorful. And with so many varieties, you’ll never get bored!

Did I convince you to visit Germany? You might be interested in these trips:

Just hearing the words “Swiss Chocolate” makes my mouth water. The Swiss have been making chocolate since the 1800s. And people around the world have been enjoying it ever since! Lindt was one of the first chocolate companies to market it, and remains one of the world’s premier manufacturers today!

The Swiss also did the world a favor and introduced the Toblerone bar in 1908. It’s shape represents the Swiss Alps!

If those chocolaty mountains make you want to visit Switzerland, you might be interested in these tours:

Oh, Italy. What is it with your Nutella? It’s used for breakfast, in gelato, or as a snack! Nutella pretty much goes with everything! Yes, you can find Nutella in the states now, it’s become pretty main stream…. but you have to go to Italy and get THIS! Nutella Snack & Drink combo. It’s BRILLIANT! You can find this in any convenience store or market in Italy!

And Italy also brings us Baci, Ferrero Rocher and of course, Gelato!

If these desserts make you say “mangia, mangia”, you might want to check out these trips!

Two words: Cadbury Eggs! Cadbury has been around for almost 200 years! And they have perfected their line of chocolates. From the eggs, to the fruit & nut bars, you can’t go wrong with Cadbury.

If you like high tea and decadent chocolate, head to England on one of these fine tours:

You can’t have a post about the world’s finest chocolate and not mention Godiva! It was founded in Brussels, Belgium 80 years ago! Everyone knows that “Godiva” means “quality”!

You can visit the birthplace of Godiva on the European Impressions tour!

It’s rumored that chocolate was invented in Spain more than 500 years ago! Spain is known for it’s rich, bold food, and its chocolate is no different. The biggest Spanish Chocolate brand is Tirma and they have quite the selection of unique flavors to choose from.

Spain also has a traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate. It is thick and creamy and is best served with a side of churros!

To get your lips on this liquid chocolate, hop onto any one of these tours!

The French are known for their healthy eating habits, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy good chocolate! I recommend fresh-baked chocolate croissants or chocolate crepes, especially in the morning. But if you’re looking for a nice dessert or snack, perhaps the most famous are the Le Petit Ecolier cookies!

You can experience all the culinary greatness that France has to offer on one of these tours!

And don’t forget that we’ve got some great chocolate in production right here in the states! We’ve got Ghirardelli and Hershey! Two of the world’s biggest producers of chocolate candy!

Ghirardelli is based in San Francisco, California, and here’s a few Contiki tours that will guarantee you a few bites of American goodness!


Kelley is a self-proclaimed world traveler and has taken three Contiki tours (and counting)! She is originally from Boston, but now calls Los Angeles her home. When she’s not traveling, she’s running marathons, watching soccer games, eating cupcakes or planning her next trip. You can follow her adventures (both big and small) on her or on twitter@kelocity.

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