5 Cool Ways to Share Your Contiki Memories!

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Recently returned from your Contiki?  Maybe you were only gone for 5 days but you snapped 3,000 photos and now you need to organize them!  Here are some great online sites that can help you create your travel blog, printable scrapbooks, slideshows, and postcards –  easy ways to share your photos to the masses without making them scroll through all 3000 photos on your digital camera.

Scrapblog – Scrapbookers meet the digital age on this website, which allows you to turn your vacation memories into high-quality photobooks or postcards.  After signing up for an account, the easy-to-use drag and drop feature allows you to create scrapbook pages digitally, and you can integrate it with many social media networks.

Snapfish -This photo sharing service is free to sign-up, and you can upload your photos to print any number of photo gifts, from scrapbooks to photo mugs to photo calendars that can help you remember all your wonderful Contiki memories (and help remind you to plan for your next one!)

Where I’ve Been – Create an interactive map that shows where you’ve been, create your own scrapbook and share it with fellow travelers who are also passionate about travel!

Weebly – Create your very own website for FREE.  Yes, free of charge!  It has easy drag-and-drop functionality so you can easily create a website or blog to share your travel stories and photos.  Add videos, create forms, and choose from 100+ professional themes to invite your friends to check out your corner of the web.

Contiki’s Blog – Yes, we invite you to share your photos, your stories, your memories, right here on Contiki’s blog!  Be sure to email me (Vy T.) at PR[at]Contiki[dot]com with your stories and photos to share.  You can check out some other travelogues or funny photos that our past passengers have taken to get an idea of what you want to share!  We look forward to seeing them!

Of course, you can always share on Contiki’s Community page, our Facebook, on Flickr (tag your photos with Contiki!) or even on Instagram (tag with #contiki)!

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