How to Stay Fit on Your Vacation

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Today’s post is a guest post by Kardena Pauza, an adventurous traveler and personal trainer

Getting in some push ups on a vacation to Thailand and Vietnam

Have you gone on vacation only to come back feeling more flabby and out of shape than when you left? It’s a disappointing feeling and a frustration because now you have taken two steps back and have to work hard to get back to your physically strong self again and maybe drop those couple lbs. you gained during your vacation.

Did you know that doing 1-2 good workouts a week can help you maintain your muscle tone? Even just a 30-45 min workout, can be enough to stimulate the muscles for maintenance and trigger your metabolisms fat burning ability. Doing the exercises faster and more dynamic, helps to also burn that extra sugar or glucose in your body! Make sure and do approx. 20 repetitions of each exercise 1-3 times. A great way to do this in a snap is run through each exercise once, then go back through again until you are done with all your sets. This will keep you moving the entire time keeping your heart rate up and minimizing the time you’re working out so you can go enjoy your vacation!

Here are some exercises you can do in your hotel room, hostel, or even outside at the park/park bench.

Let’s get started!

1. Pushup and reach. This will target your chest, triceps, shoulders, core and back. Adding the reach will incorporate more shoulders and back into the exercise.

Make sure and get that reach when you extend your arms straight! I promise you will feel it.

If doing the pushup on your toes is not possible yet, you can use the edge of the bed or another structure to make it easier. Here’s me doing a pushup on the edge of a fountain while this lady watches me. I got a great boost of energy from doing my little workout here!

2. Reverse Lunge with a knee up. This will target your glutes (booty), quads (front of the legs), and low abs (driving the knee up).

From a standing position, step one foot back far enough to drop that back knee to the ground. Then step forward driving that knee up in front of you. After doing all your repetitions on one side, switch legs. Tip: make sure your front knee doesn’t go over your toes.

3. V Up Abs. We have to get a good ab exercise in! I like this one because it targets your lower abs that we all want to flatten.

You can do V ups on the floor, on the edge of a bed or outside on a flat surface. Sit on your butt, lean back with your hands behind you and put your feet out at an angle in front of you. Beginners- Keeping your chest out, bend your knees and pull them in to your chest. Do this in and out never touching your legs to the ground. Advanced- same position except when pulling your legs towards you, keep your legs straight reaching your feet towards the sky and bringing them closer to your body.

4. Dips. Targets your triceps and shoulders.

Find a bench, chair, bed, or wall. Put your hands, fingers down, just wider than your hips on the edge of your ledge. Lower your body straight down staying close to the ledge and keeping your chest out. Beginners- Keep your feet underneath you more. Advanced- put your feet out further away from your body for more challenge.

Now that you feel pumped and energized you can enjoy your vacation knowing you have done something really great for your body!


Kardena Pauza is a spunky travel and fitness loving Irvine, CA personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

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