Gnomes Travel Free on Contiki

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Guest post by Kelley Last, Contiki traveler

There are two things that I absolutely can’t travel without: my passport and my gnome. Meet Reese, my gnome. She goes everywhere with me.

You might recognize her from her fame on the Contiki website a couple of years ago when she showed us her trip to Italy.

But her most recent adventures took her on Contiki’s Eastern Road tour. She wanted to share a few of her pictures from the trip. Here they are in her own words.

It was a long flight from Los Angeles to Berlin, but I enjoyed the in flight movies and complimentary beverages.

The first day of the tour was so fun. Meeting new friends and learning about the history behind the city.

I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan and was excited to see the balcony that MJ dangled his baby out of (remember that?!) Let me demonstrate for you!

And of course the Berlin Wall. That was on my bucket list so I was excited to see it in person.

On our way to Prague, we stopped in Dresden for lunch and explored the town. It was completely leveled during WWII and they have since rebuilt with immaculate detail.

Prague is so romantic and beautiful. The colors, the architecture, the river… I loved it.

What a darling city. From palaces to Mozart to schnitzel.


So many great sights to see here. This was a view of the Danube from above. I think this might have been my favorite city.

This was an unexpected surprise. It was supposed to just be a lunch stop, but the charm of Banska Bystricia was hard to ignore.

Home of Pope John Paul II! I loved Poland, especially Krakow.


Last stop of the tour, but had enough architecture, nature and history to keep me entertained til the very end.

It was a lovely Contiki tour and I hope Kelley takes me on another tour again in the future. I’d like to think I make a great travel partner. Til next time!

(For more pictures of Reese’s adventures, check out her website here!)

Kelley is a self-proclaimed world traveler and has taken four Contiki tours (and counting)! She is originally from Boston, but now calls Los Angeles her home. When she’s not traveling, she’s running marathons, watching soccer games, eating cupcakes or planning her next trip. You can follow her adventures (both big and small) on her blog: or on twitter:@kelocity

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