10 Reasons to Travel With Contiki in 2012

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Ready to make your resolutions a reality with Contiki?  2012 is gearing up to be one FANTASTIC year to travel and with all the exciting festivals, celebrations, and experiences happening in 2012, what better reason to travel this year and cross another wish off your list?  Forget all that talk about the world ending 2012 – this is the beginning of an unforgettable year and the world is yours for the taking.

Here are 10 travel-worthy experiences that your travels with Contiki could take you to  – which one will you conquer in 2012?

1.  The 2012 Summer Olympics in London!

The Summer Olympics happen every 4 years, and in 2012, hopeful Olympic gold medalists will congregate in London – home to the swankiest wedding of the century! (That’s Prince William & Kate Middleton’s union for those not in the know.)  Most Europe Contiki trips begin in London, which means you’ll be in the heart of the action before you embark on your Contiki adventure!

2.  Contiki’s First St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Dublin

Join Contiki as we make history and launch our first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Dublin for 2012!  Travel to Ireland and mingle with the locals in the country’s largest annual party, packing the streets, singing, dancing and enjoying St. Patrick’s Day the way the locals do.  Now that’s a story to tell your friends back home.


3. Stamp your passport with 101 years of Machu Picchu

Right past the entrance of Machu Picchu, before hiking to the ruins, you’re given the option to stamp your passport signifying that you came to Machu Picchu.  2012 marks 101 years since the site’s rediscovery and is a cool memento to take away with you after gazing upon the ancient Incan ruins!


4. Get Your Samba on in Rio De Janeiro for Carnival!

The world’s largest party will only get bigger when the Contiki tour through Rio for Carnival comes through in 2012.  It’s our first year offering the Rio Carnival package, and we’re bound to shake our moneymakers and learn what it takes to strut our stuff in the samba parade.  If your resolution is to stop being shy, Carnival is the perfect way for you to step out and show the world what you’re made of.

5.  Are you a literary buff? Come celebrate Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday!

If you can’t make it to the Olympics (see above), then there’s still plenty of celebrating waiting in the wings.  Raise your hand if you’ve NEVER read or heard of a Charlens’ Dickens story.  Anyone?  Didn’t think so.  Travel to Europe and celebrate the life of Charles Dickens – the man who brought Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim to life, told us a Tale of Two Cities, and gave us Oliver Twist.

6. J.R.R. Tolkien fans, discover New Zealand and the film sites of the upcoming film “The Hobbit”

The highly anticipated return to Middle Earth for all you J.R.R. Tolkien fans.  “The Hobbit” hits theaters in December 2012, but Contiki visitors can get a glimpse of the film’s locations while traveling through New Zealand, home country to Contiki founder John Anderson!

7. Running with the Bulls & Bilbao BBK Live – Radiohead fans rejoice!

2012 is the year that Radiohead takes center stage at Bilbao BBK Live, Spain’s #1 music festival, and Contiki is in the middle of the action in Pamplona.  If dancing crowds aren’t your style, perhaps try your hand at running with the bulls.  Don your white and red and brave the crowds!


8.The City of Lights celebrates 20 Years of Disney Magic

It started 20 years ago as EuroDisney, but The City of Lights made such an impact, the amusement park was renamed to Disneyland Paris and celebrates its 20th anniversary bringing the Disney magic to Europeans everywhere. 

9. Berlin turns 775 years old!

Come celebrate Berlin’s 775th anniversary with jubilee celebrations scheduled throughout the city.  History buffs will also take note of the 300th anniversary of King Frederick the II, also known as Frederick the Great.  Check out great art exhibitions and festivals throughout the city.


10.  Contiki Celebrates our 50th Birthday!

What other reason to travel with Contiki than to celebrate our 50th anniversary?  We’re experts and bringing to life the fun, unforgettable experiences that always end up hundreds of photos, new friends from all over the world, and a chance to see the world all packaged up in a nice bow – there’s bound to be a destination that you want to cross off your list.  2012 is the time to see the world!

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