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You may remember that back in July of last year, Contiki hosted a blog writing contest called “Blog Your Way Down Under” (refresher can be found here).  After a massive voting contest by YOU, the readers of Contiki’s blog, Laura Druda won Contiki’s Beaches & Reefs trip in Australia.

Like many of you who travel Contiki, this would be Laura’s first time traveling solo, so she was definitely nervous. Here’s what she wrote prior to leaving on her adventure:

“I’m sitting in my kitchen, surrounded by about a billion comforting, home-y things, thinking about how in FOUR days, I’ll be in the car, heading to the airport with my suitcase and a belly that won’t calm down no matter what I tell it. I’m a weird mix between super-happy and super-scared. On one hand, I’m completely psyched about a some of the activities I’ll be doing (the nocturnal walk in Fraser Island, the beaches of Daydream Island, and anything-Great Barrier Reef) and on the other hand, to be completely honest, I’m PETRIFIED. I’ve never traveled alone before. I’m nervous about the flight(s), making friends, and just the whole idea of every decision being mine, and only mine, to make.”

Now, she’s back – having conquered Australia and she’s gearing up to share her adventures with you, here!  In the meantime, you can check out Laura’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram at username @dinnerlove.  Stay tuned for her blog posts (and a video montage), coming soon!

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