Happy Valentine’s Day & Winner of the “Love Travel” photo contest

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Contiki offices!  We’ve been stuffing ourselves silly with wonderful treats (Krispy Kreme donuts and homemade cupcakes) as well as sharing the love among our team with Valentine’s Day cards & flowers.  We hope that you are celebrating with the people you love, and you’re loving the things you’re doing (like traveling!)

We want to thank our Contiki fans so much for taking the time to share with us the reasons why they love travel, and the destinations that made them fall in love with travel.  All of the submissions for the “Love Travel” photo contest made us all want to hit the road and see these places for ourselves!  The lucky winner of the contest is…


 “The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland”

“Ireland is such a beautiful country with the best shades of green everywhere and the warmest people one could ever meet. But the Cliffs of Moher in particular is something else. Located on the Western seaboard of County Clare, this “wonder of the world” will quite literally take your breath away.
I love it because the cliffs are both beautiful and melancholy at the same time. My friends and I drove 3 and a half hours from Dublin to get there, and when we arrived, we were stunned. We were caught between a gasp and a sigh. Eventually we just stood there and stared at it, with the wind blowing in our faces. That’s when this photo was taken. I didn’t even notice my friend, Abby, pull away to shoot it.
It’s a mesmerizing place, the cliffs…  And we would all go back there in a heartbeat!

What made me fall in love with travel was my first ever Contiki trip. It was all part of a big plan – to move out of the Philippines to earn dollars in the United States, just so I could fund my life long dream to tour around Europe. And when I finally did it in 2008, I got sooo hooked, I was a goner.
When I was living in Manila, Europe and the rest of the world was just a concept to me. I felt so small, and the whole world felt so big. But after the trip with Contiki, I realized how attainable dreams could be! The places I wanted to see and visit became tangible and real. And just like that, I didn’t feel so small anymore. The world was in the palm of my hand, and I couldn’t wait to do more, see more, and experience more! I had sooo much fun on tour with 50 other people – who are now my good friends, and I’ve traveled every year since then! Also I have another big one coming up soon – a birthday trip in March! I seriously can’t get enough…

It must be love. ♥”


Congratulations Eartha!  You are the winner of a Contiki Prize Pack, including a nifty Contiki t-shirt, Contiki reusable bag, some of our new Contiki temporary tattoos, and your very own copy of “1000 Places to See Before You Die.”

Thanks for sharing the love and we hope that everyone continues to share their love for travel, not just for Valentine’s Day!

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