Contiki Launches Interactive Online Game, ‘This Way to Amazing’!

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Contiki is taking the online social community by storm with the launch of our innovative new online game, This Way to Amazing! Starting today, Contiki is giving away a European tour every week for a month to the follower clever enough to find the youth brand’s travelers in four of Europe’s hottest destinations.

Follow along as the Contiki team posts video clues featuring adventurous Contiki nomads exploring the sights, sounds & backstreets of Europe. Mixing video with Google Maps and Street View, the game allows users to hunt for these travelers’ locations and enter for a chance to win!

How to Play:

Each week will feature a different person to follow as they explore a new city, uncovering the local and authentic experiences discovered on a Contiki trip. Once you track down one of the Contiki travelers, you will automatically be entered to win a European trip for yourself, with the opportunity to check out some of the amazing locations live featured in the game.

In true Contiki fashion, the game integrates the hottest music from up-and-coming artists to keep you entertained as you digitally weave your way through European streets. The Contiki crew also know how much you look for the latest in food, fashion, music and lifestyle, so the game includes the most current trends and styles.

“The ‘This Way to Amazing’ contest is a fantastic way for Contiki fans to get involved with the brand online, see some evolving trends, and get a virtual taste of European travel at the same time,” says Greg Fischbein, President of Contiki Vacations. “New to travel or a passport professional, everyone will enjoy the challenge, engagement and excitement of this game, and get inspired to travel with us this year.”

Fans – if you’re vying for a chance to win, don’t miss out on the video clues by following any of Contiki’s social media platforms to get reminders. Simply visit Contiki on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Foursquare to get the most up-to-date news on the contest.

Good luck!

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