Contiki Must-Haves In Your Carry-On

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So you’ve used our jet-setting tips to save up for your dream vacation.  You’ve mastered the art of packing your luggage to the exact measurements required to travel Contiki-style.  As you board the plane and stow away your carry-on luggage, you settle into your chair, ready to take on the long flight.  After a few hours, you open up your carry-on and go in search of your MP3 player & realize, you don’t have your headphones.  How could you forget those?

Ever run into this scenario?  We polled the Contiki staff to ask them “What’s a must-have in your carry-on” and these frequent flyers let us know the items that they think are essential & never leave their side when they’re traveling.  Here’s the list they came up with.

Contiki Top 10 Must-Haves for Your Carry-On

  1. Drawing Notebook, Books/Magazines, JournalDraw, read, or write when the flight attendant asks you to turn off your electronic devices
  2. Chapstick or some sort of lip balmAvoid chapped lips from dehydration on a plane
  3. Gum or mints to keep your breath freshIt can get pretty rank after a few hours on a plane
  4. Electronic & chargers (for everything!) – Keep these valuables close.  You wouldn’t want to lose your phone charger when you’re on the road!
  5. Toothbrush (freshen your breath after a long flight) – Brushing your teeth can help refresh you and it doesn’t hurt to have clean teeth
  6. Neck PillowSo you don’t have to rest your head on your neighbor’s shoulder
  7. Empty plastic water bottleFill it up after going through security and save yourself from buying water at the kiosk
  8. Nail File You never know when you’ll break a nail, or you can use it to file down a snag in your nail so it doesn’t get caught in anything
  9. Medicine Kit – Airborne, Emergen-C, headache medicine to help keep you from getting sick before your vacation!
  10. Any accessory to keep warmWarm socks, a sweater, or even a scarf that can be used while on the plane, which can get pretty coldsince it’s temperature controlled!They don’t always offer you blankets on the plane either!

What are the must-haves in YOUR carry-on?

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