Guest Post: What’s the best trip for you?

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With over 200 different itineraries to choose from, which Contiki trip is right for you?  There are so many options, plus all the festivals, day trips, and special occasions that could amplify your trip.  Are you a jetsetter, a foodie, or just a history buff?  Our guest blogger Roop Gill covers off some basics about pairing your interests with the best trip for you!

Guest Post by Roop Gill, Contiki traveler

Waterproof windbreaker – check

Hiking boots – check

Spanish-English dictionary – check

So damn excited I can’t wait for it to be end of March already – double check

In less than one week, I will be on a plane from Toronto to Lima to begin my third Contiki, the Inca Panorama. Hiking, white water rafting, Amazon animal spotting and so many other outdoor adventures await me. I can’t wait to be sore from all the trekking in high altitude and hot and humid in the Amazon jungle.

But when I talk to many friends at home, they don’t quite get why I find that type of travel exciting. I don’t quite get why they want to spend a whole week on a super touristy resort in the Caribbean instead of feeding llamas in the Andes.

That leads me into this month’s travel advice topic of how to choose what type of travel adventure is best for you.

Let’s face it – if you don’t like hiking you shouldn’t go to Machu Picchu. Similarly, if you don’t like beaches, you aren’t going to enjoy the Mediterranean Trail. If you can’t stand sand, why would you go to Egypt? If you are a vegetarian (like myself), why would you go to Eastern Europe? (Okay… I guess I’ll survive on salad as long as I get to see the awesome architecture)

I had the most fun on trips that were complimentary to my personality. Last month, I wrote about camping across Europe and why I loved it so much. Now, I can’t wait to climb some mountains and sandboard down some dunes in Peru next month.

If you don’t like the sound of that – that’s totally cool. It doesn’t make you any less of a traveller. As long as you know what your travel personality is, it will be easy for you to find the right type of tours for yourself.

Let’s take a little test…

If architecture, exploring old cities and trying snacks throughout the day tickle your fantasy, try an easy-paced superior tour and make sure it stops in Paris and Rome.

If you are a nature lover, like to get down and dirty and participate in tons of outdoorsy activities, try a camping tour that stops in the Swiss Alps and Tyrol (woohoo white water rafting).

If you want to get your tan on, you need to stay close to the Mediterranean Sea. Try the Mediterranean Highlights, Spanish Spree or Croatian Island Cruising.

And if you are like me, an activity-loving, semi-bilingual globetrotter, I think you will love Peru too (my best friend lives there and attests to it), but the verdict will be released when I am back next month. Stay tuned for the recap blog post.

Roop is a Canadian journalist and blogger with a passion for seeing the world and a preference for doing so with Contiki. You can read about her other adventures and check out her travel photos on her blog,

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