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If you’re always finding yourself at the tail-end of a Contiki contest or promotion, or you’ve entirely missed the boat on some of the best Contiki has to offer, you should consider checking out the Contiki newsletter.  It’s a weekly round-up of great deals, travel tips and advice, and some of our biggest announcements are made to our loyal followers.

Visit and scroll down to the Contiki Underground.  Fill in your information and you’ll be on our mailing list to receive special news and and offers!


We also want to poll our readers and find out what makes a newsletter subscribe-worthy.  What motivates you to subscribe and what would you  like to see more of from Contiki?  Let us know in the comments!

  • Destination Spotlights
  • Travel Tips & Advice
  • Latest Deals & Specials
  • Inspirational Stories & Features
  • Featured Contiki Trips
  • Real Travelers’ Experiences
  • More of Everything!


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