Travel Tip Tuesday: Contiki Optional Excursions

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This month, we’re kicking off a new addition to the Contiki blog:  Travel Tip Tuesdays! Each week, we will be featuring a travel tip or frequently asked question from our Contiki passengers.  First on our list is the question about Contiki optional excursions.  Many of you wonder how much you have to pay and how you can participate.

What exactly IS an optional excursion?

In addition to the amazing “Only Contiki” experiences, many of our travelers want to see more and get the chance to experience other activities that aren’t readily built into the itinerary.  As the name suggests, these excursions are open to all but it isn’t mandatory for you to take part.  The Contiki is YOUR experience, so you can mix and match whichever excursions you want to go on!

What’s the cost associated with the optionals?

Each optional excursion has a different cost.  An Amsterdam canal cruise may cost 30 Euros, while Wine Tasting may only be 8 Euros.  Plan accordingly if you’re the type of person that wants to see and do everything you possibly can (but you are in no way obligated to!)

Here’s a breakdown of a few optional excursions that have been too good to pass up for many of our Contiki travelers:

  • Whitewater Rafting in Tyrol, Austria
  • Venice gondola ride
  • Dinner at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris
  • Entrance into the Space Electronic Disco in Florence
  • Vatican Tour in Rome
  • Guinness Storehouse Visit

Which optional excursions have been your favorite on Contiki tours?


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