Behind the Scenes: Contiki’s USA & Canada Brochure Photo Shoot

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Meet the Contiki travelers that were selected to be the fresh new faces of the 2013/2014 Contiki USA & Canada brochure!  We’re giving you a sneak peek of all the shenanigans that happened once the cameras stopped clicking – with outtakes and fun photos from the actual shoot, and interviews from several of the models who got an up close and personal take on traveling Contiki.

Check out our interview with Brooke, Yvette, & Ngoc, three of the faces of Contiki’s brochure!


What were your favorite destinations on the photo shoot and why?

Brooke: “My favorite destinations included Miami and New York for their respectively diverse vibes and scene. Miami has the perfect beach bum feel with a Latin flare to spice up any experience. New York has it all; from urban grunge to sophisticated Manhattan, amazing art, music, food and experiences (all things I love) totally derive from what is, “The City that Never Sleeps.”

Yvette: “My favorite destination was New Orleans, since it was my first experience in the city. Excitement and energy effused out of everywhere in the French Quarter, and the positivity was contagious! Definitely a fantastic city to visit.”

Ngoc: “New York really is a concrete jungle with amazing surprises around every corner. You can feel like you’re ready to take on the world and feel like just a speck on the NY grid at the same time.”

What were your favorite activities/adventures? 

Brooke: “Biking in Miami was incredibly appropriate and so much fun! Scoping out the infamous monuments and memorials in our nation’s capital was enlightening and beautifully complemented with historical commentary from one of Contiki’s very own tour managers, Brianna McCarthy. By far my favorite activity over all was eating my way through New York City and then burning off the calories by exploring via foot. New York welcomed me with positive vibes, good music, amazing food, fascinating museums and a culturally diverse atmosphere that cohesively created what I can only call a true Contiki experience.”

Yvette:  “My absolute favorite activity was the boat trip we took in San Francisco the first day. Even though I’ve been to San Francisco several times, I’ve never taken a boat tour (silly me), and seeing the bridge up close and personal was an amazing experience. Will try to do it again during my own trips up north, and will be recommending it to friends, as well. Coming a close second is spending down time with our cast. We had an amazing cast–loved every single one of them!”

Ngoc: “Eating! The best part about traveling to new (and old) places is trying out the local cuisine. There’s no better way to get to know the people you’re with or the city you’re in than sitting down and savoring the delectable bites.”

What did you do in your free time (if you had any!)?

Brooke: “Free time, what’s that? Ha! We definitely had an exhaustive schedule with 5 am wake-up calls and late evening wrap-ups but it all was so worth the experience, friends, and memories I got out it. With what free time we did have, I usually spent it catching up on some Z’s, eating, and spending some quality time with my new Contiki mates from the shoot.”

Yvette: “Catch up on sleep! Long days and early morning calls make for tired eyes, so I tried to get as much rest as I could during the nights.”

Ngoc: “Eat.Shop.Walk. I love strolling around each town and exploring the architecture. Once inside buildings, I can do the two things I love most–eat and shop.”

What was your most memorable moment?

Brooke: “These cats I traveled with were truly one of kind and some of the most positive and beautiful people I’ve met. The entire trip was so good and absolutely memorable. I loved our wrap-up dinners, exploring the cities via bike and foot and experiencing it all in true Contiki fashion with such a rad crew.”

Yvette:  “Hard to pick just one! The entire shoot was truly an amazing experience. If I had to pick one, it would be our last night together. Our entire cast hung out in our hotel room until the wee hours just chatting and bonding. Then we had to say goodbye the next day :(

Ngoc: “There are actually two–the first time I met my group and the our farewells. On my first Contiki trip to Europe, I made friends around the world, and we felt like we had spent a year together even though it was only two weeks. This photoshoot was like that. You learn so much about people when you travel with them, and it sticks with you. So I always remember my first moment and my last because it amazes me how far we’ve come.”

Funniest story?

Brooke: “The comedy on this trip never stopped and between wardrobe changes in the middle of Times Square, “Tebow’ing” on some of America’s most iconic spots and just being our normal silly selves, this shoot was a whirlwind of hilarity and bitchin’ good fun.”

Yvette: “One time, Julie and I were the background extras for a particular scene in SF by the wharf, so in between snaps, we would sing and do some crazy dance marches to warm ourselves up in 60 degree (not including wind chill) SF weather. We must have looked ridiculous, since a bum literally fell off his bike while watching us, and then tried to imitate our moves. We were just that cool.”

Ngoc: “I can’t say. Contiki is like Vegas, but better–so I definitely can’t say.”


Check out all the photos!

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