Happy International Picnic Day!

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Here’s some motivation for your Monday – have a picnic!

It’s International Picnic Day and in celebration, Contiki is rounding up our favorite cities around the world that would be perfect to lay out our gingham blanket, dine on some delicious goods from a basket, and bask in the sunshine and wonder of our surroundings.

Who else is craving cheese and baguettes now?


Talk about a Kodak moment.  The lawn that stretches out in front of the Eiffel Tower is a perfect spot for picnics – not to mention that French cuisine (cheese! wine! baguettes!) are the ideal picnic foods.  What a pretty backdrop!

San Francisco

Toss a Frisbee and relax on the grassy knolls of Alamo Square Park (pictured above), adjacent to the famous Victorian houses known as “The Painted Ladies” (did anyone else watch ‘Full House’?).  If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can find the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop near the San Francisco Bay or at neighboring Sausalito for a picnic sure to make everyone jump for joy.  Find out more >>


Dining outdoors is a must in Rome, whether it is a sidewalk cafe overlooking the Colosseum or for a unique twist, on the Spanish Steps.  You don’t really need a blanket or a full picnic spread but you can still soak in the sights from different vantage points while enjoying some gelato or people-watching.

Machu Picchu

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have a picnic on that perfectly manicured lawn (thank you llamas!) and with that incredible view?  If you want to get in touch with nature, pack some nice snacks to take into Machu Picchu (but be sure not to litter) and take a moment to yourself.  That’s what I call a fantastic picnic spot!

Alice Springs

Australia isn’t all just beaches and reefs – the beautiful rugged canyons and lush forests of the Outback offer a backdrop sure to make the average picnic seem like an adventure.  Check out this tree – wouldn’t you want to just hang out in the shade and enjoy a quiet relaxing afternoon?

What are some of your favorite picnic spots? 

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