Travel Tip Tuesday: Luggage Know-How for Your Contiki

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It’s the age-old traveler question because it can make a huge difference what decision you make:  What type of luggage do I pack for a Contiki?

You  remember that we broke down the pros and cons of a suitcase vs. backpack but we know that there are more questions about luggage:  What dimensions do I need? How heavy can my luggage be?  Fear not!  We’re here to answer all your luggage questions… check it out!

How large can my travel luggage be? 

As a guide, Contiki passengers should pack a suitcase or bag that has a maximum size of 73 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm.  If you’re slightly larger than that, have no fear as this is a guide for size.

My luggage is the right size – how heavy does it have to be?

Keep in mind that the airline you are flying has different weight restrictions than Contiki.  While you might be able to pack 50 lbs on your international flight, Contiki has a strict policy that your luggage shouldn’t weigh more than 20kg/44lbs.  You can check out our creative ways to pack light so you don’t have to dump items from your luggage at the airport.

Hard case or soft case?  Does it really matter?

Whatever suits your fancy – your luggage should be easily identifiable (say NO to the standard black suitcase!)  Some people select the hard case because its hard exterior is a great place to decorate with stickers of the places they’ve been – a rolling passport.  Others prefer regular suitcases (ones with the wheels that go in every direction are great!) that don’t have too many handles or straps that can get in the way.  As long as you stick with the size and weight restrictions, the luggage world is your oyster.

There’s so much I want to pack!  What are some items that I should bring?

Check out our resource round-up for different packing items that you should definitely not leave home without!  Keep in mind that your Contiki documents will give you a suggested packing list, but depending on what time of year you’re traveling, you should remember that your luggage will also have to endure those same weather patterns.

For more tips and tricks,  visit Contiki’s Travel Resources page!

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