How Contiki Changed A Traveler’s Perspective

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Happy last week of June!  Now that we’re heading into July, we know you guys are busy packing your bags and getting ready to head out on your next (or maybe first!) Contiki.  Some of you have even returned from your Contiki tours and you’re gearing up for your next one.

In honor of all our travelers, we’re starting a new blog series and we’re kicking it off with a real-world Contiki traveler – Brenda R. of Phoenix, Arizona, who live-tweeted some really great shots that changed her perspective of travel.

Find out which Contiki adventure turned Brenda into a bona fide travel junkie through her awesome Instagram photos and check out where she’ll go next!


Which Contiki trip did you take?
Contiki’s 8-day London & Paris

Why did you decide to travel?
I was looking for a way to celebrate my college graduation

How did your perspective on the world or on life change while you were on this trip?
I was never one to get too excited for traveling, but apparently I just wasn’t going to the right places! Contiki made it very easy for me to not feel overwhelmed by a “strange” place. I can definitely consider myself a travel junkie now. The people you meet from so many different places really make you ignore all the reservations you ever had about visiting other cities.

Were there any specific moments on this trip that stood out to you?
Definitely going out with the group to a local bar in Paris called O’Sullivan’s. Our tour manager really made sure we all had fun, it was a very memorable night.

What did you learn about yourself on this trip? / What did you take back with you?
I learned I’m definitely braver than I thought. I had a pretty good intro to the cities but I felt completely at ease when we had our own time. I took on the role of my own group’s guide and surprisingly got to know the cities really well!

Where do you want to travel next?
My dream is to visit Scotland and Ireland so hopefully that’s my next stop!


Browse Brenda’s photos to see how she changed her perspective!

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