7 Travel Roadblocks and How to Avoid Them with Contiki

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So you’re suffering from “carmageddon” on your road trip to becoming a world traveler.  You want to see the world and your sense of wanderlust is growing exponentially, but there are roadblocks keeping you from achieving your goals.

It’s time to smash those roadblocks to smithereens and turn on your cruise control. Let’s get you on your way to becoming a jet-setter for life!

Roadblock #1:  “Travel is expensive!  I don’t have enough ca$h money!”

Like Snoop Dogg says, “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind,” and we know that money is probably the top reason why you may not be traveling just yet. Budgeting is by far one of the hardest parts of preparing for world travel because it means having to save money and not spend it.  With all the instant gratification one gets from purchasing items right now, it’s easy to forget that saving for your vacation is actually simple.  Check out Contiki’s Jetsetting Made Easy for the ultimate tips and tricks on how to get more of that ca$h money back in your pocket!

Roadblock #2: “Time is money!  I don’t have a lot of vacation hours or time off”

A vacation doesn’t have to be a month off – a vacation is the amount of time you allow yourself to unplug from daily life and experience something entirely new, different, or awe-inspiring.  Even one whole work week is enough to re-energize you and allow you to take in many of the hotspots that a destination has to offer.  Short jaunts to neighboring countries such as Mexico or Canada can be the reboot you need if you’re limited on time.

Roadblock #3: “I’m indecisive.  I don’t know where to go and there’s so many options!”

All the more reason to travel!  Spin a globe and pick any destination that suits your fancy.  OR, match up your every day hobbies and interests with destinations that suit you.  If you’re a surfer, you probably want to go to explore the beaches in Costa Rica or soak up the sun in Australia.  If you love architecture or art history, Europe might be your best bet.

Roadblock #4: “My friends don’t want to go with me.  I’m scared to travel alone!”

Busy schedules, prior commitments, and any of the previously mentioned roadblocks can keep your friends from joining you on the adventure of a lifetime.  Solo travel doesn’t have to be scary!  Whether you decide to be an independent backpacker or travel in a group tour like Contiki, you’re bound to have a fantastic time.  Majority of Contiki travelers go independently and end up making friends for life on the tours – you’re surrounded by dozens of people in your age range so you’ll find travel companions very easily.  You can register your trip on Contiki Meetups to find out who will be on your tour with you!

Roadblock #5: “I don’t have a passport and I don’t intend on getting one soon!”

While you could easily follow our Contiki’s guide to passports to get you on your way to international travel, you don’t have to venture far in order to become a traveler.  Weekend road trips to neighboring states or hopping on a plane to visit any of the 50 states in the US is a great opportunity for you to spread your wings before taking the leap to international travel.

Roadblock #6: “I have a sensitive stomach.  I don’t want to eat weird foods abroad.”

Research is your biggest asset here.  You’ll run into your fair share of foods that make you go “hm?” If you are traveling to a country renowned for sugary and spicy foods that make your acid reflux skip a heartbeat, you should probably find out what the region’s alternative  options are. Be prepared that not every place will be able to accommodate your usual palate and to play it safe when you’re in doubt.  Take any stomach medications abroad with you if you are prone to having a sensitive stomach.  Stick by the mantra that if you’re not familiar with it, then you probably shouldn’t eat it. Contiki also includes many meals as part of the tour if you’re not the adventurous type.

Roadblock #7:  “Crowds make me angry.  Especially touristy crowds.  ::scowl::”

If large crowds bring out the worst in you, consider traveling during the late season.  Milder temperatures, smaller crowds, and a more festive atmosphere will allow you to stretch out your arms and embrace your surroundings and not the person standing next to you.  Contiki has great options during the late season so you can see all the sights without dealing with the crowds.  You’ll also be stretching your dollar as late season travel tends to mean more money back in your pocket because of cheaper airfare during that season, bringing us full circle to Roadblock #1.


If you still need a boost of inspiration to achieve your goals of world travel, watch this inspiring video from Matt Harding of “Where the Hell is Matt” fame.  After dancing his way around the world, he’s finally released a brand new video!

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  1. Are Americans that against getting a passport? There are other countries outside the US you know…

    • contikivacations

      HI Charlotte – Thanks for your comment! It’s true – many Americans have never gotten a passport, but not necessarily because they are against it. We want to encourage everyone to travel, even if it’s in their own home country. We appreciate your insight!

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