10 Contiki Questions with “Friday Night Lights” star Aimee Teegarden

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You may recognize Aimee Teegarden as Julie Taylor, the coach’s daughter, from the show Friday Night Lights. Aimee is currently traveling through Europe with Contiki, visiting the continent for the first time.

Contiki is thrilled to present this week’s “10 Contiki Questions…” with the actress, who sat down to answer a few questions about her travel history, what she’s looking forward to in Europe, and her favorite travel rituals.

Check it out!

Give us a brief background on who you are and why you’re excited to travel with Contiki

I’m a California native who spends most of my free time surfing, snowboarding, hanging out with my friends and attempting to perfect my terrible cooking skills. I’ve spent most of my life living in California, besides the 5 years I lived in Austin, TX, while filming Friday Night Lights.

I am excited for this trip in particular due to the vast number of destinations which a Contiki trip allows you to experience in a short space of time along with the depth of knowledge Contiki has of those places meaning I will be able to experience the best each city has to offer.

Tell us about your previous travel experiences.  Who have you traveled with and where have you been before?

I’ve been all over America and much of Canada and Mexico. I had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand back in 2009 with my brother and fell in love with the country. After that trip I was bitten by the traveling bug and haven’t looked back!

At first glance, what appeals to you most about Contiki trips? 

The great benefit of a Contiki trip is the opportunity to meet and travel with a group of similar-aged and like-minded people. Added to that is the pre-planning by Contiki in each destination meaning I can just sit back and enjoy the trip without having to worry about what I need to plan next!

When selecting a travel destination, what do you look for? (Adventure, culture, food, etc.?)

When I’m traveling I want to really embrace the culture of the place I’m visiting, Also I have always been an adrenaline junky so I’m always up for an adventure wherever I can find it!

You will be traveling with a friend on this trip – what are the perks of going with a friend versus going independently? 

I have always thought that going with a friend is the best way to travel because it allows you to share all the unforgettable experiences with someone else (and means they can back you up when you’re telling your friends about all the great things you were able to do!) plus traveling with someone else allows you to see a different side of them and can only make the two of you that much closer.

What destinations are you most excited to see on your European Impressions tour?

I can’t wait to start the trip in London as it has such a great history and a vibrant culture to immerse myself in, plus we are lucky enough to be going during the Olympic Games and my friends there have told me that the atmosphere is fantastic all throughout the city. I am also very excited about getting to go to Paris as I have been in love with the style and sophistication of the city ever since I was a little girl.

What do you feel are the benefits of going on an escorted tour like Contiki?

I get very overwhelmed with the idea of having to plan out a trip to somewhere that I’ve never been before, so it’s nice knowing that it’s mostly all coordinated for us but still allows us ample time to explore each city on our own as well.

Why do you think it is important for young women (such as yourself) to travel the world?

Every time I come back from a trip I not only have a deeper appreciation for places I’ve visited but also I think it opens your eyes to the big picture and makes you a more confident and worldly human being. I have always felt that what I learn about myself through traveling and experiencing new places and people has benefited me in both my personal and professional lives, So I wouldn’t underestimate it’s importance to anyone!

Do you have any favorite travel rituals ? Do you collect any souvenirs while on the road ?

As far a rituals, as much as I try and be prepared, I always end up packing at the very last min before I leave for my trip. I am a huge lover of fashion so when I’m traveling I always like seeing what local girls are wearing and I try and find pieces to take back home and incorporate them in my wardrobe. Not only is it a practical souvenir but every time I wear something I bought while traveling it reminds me of that place and the great moments I had while there.

What do you hope to learn about yourself during this Contiki trip?

I hope to finally learn how to pack my suitcase properly because 20 days is a long time to be traveling with an ill packed bag! Overall I am just looking forward to having many memorable experiences with a great group of people which I will remember forever.

About Aimee Teegarden

Aimee Teegarden was listed as DAILY VARIETY’S: TYRO TIPPED FOR TAKE OFF in its year-end YOUTH IMPACT REPORT.  Its no wonder, in the last year Teegarden starred in the 1960’s period-feature LOVE AND HONOR opposite Liam Hemsworth; Disney’s feature film PROM; Dimension’s franchise-film SCREAM 4; and the Spike Lee produced indie THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK AND ROLL.  She also co-produced and starred in the Warner Bros. new-media franchise, AIM HIGH and AIM HIGH 2, opposite Jackson Rathbone.

In addition, BENEATH THE DARKNESS, a film Teegarden and Dennis Quaid both starred and co-produced, premiered at the 2011 Austin Film Festival.

In television, Teegarden remains involved in the development of the highly anticipated CW pilot THE SELECTION, as the lead character of ‘America Singer.’  Prior, Teegarden portrayed ‘Julie Taylor’ for 5 Seasons on NBC’s Emmy-nominated series FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  Other TV appearances include the recurring role of ‘Rhonda Kimble’ on 90210; as well as guest appearances on COLD CASE; Nickelodeon’s NED’S DECLASSIFIED SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE; and Disney Channel’s HANNAH MONTANA.

Born and raised in Southern California, Teegarden began modeling and acting at the age of ten, and since then has modeled for campaigns including Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Alltel, and the national print campaign for Hollister.  Aimee was the 2008 National Spokes-Model for YMI Jeans.  She also graced the cover of the 2008 COSMO GIRL: PROM ISSUE – a four-month circulation targeted at high school teens.

Teegarden’s other films include:  Her first producing venture, BEAUTIFUL WAVE, a coming of age film set in the surf community of Southern California; FOR SALE BY OWNER with Skeet Ulrich and Rachel Nichols; and the family drama CALL OF THE WILD with Christopher Lloyd.

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