10 Contiki Questions with.. The Fu Music!

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This week’s Where to Wednesday is all about The Fu.  The who?  That’s right – The Fu Music, a duo of singing and YouTubing brothers who made a splash (and the final 3 on the YOMYOMF Network’s “Internet Icon” show).  The Fu are currently exploring the South Island in New Zealand on Contiki’s “Sweet As South” tour and we asked them what they were most excited to see.  Check it out!

Give us some background on who ‘The Fu Music’ is and why you’re excited to travel with Contiki!

Hi, we’re Jacob & Josh. People call us The Fu. We’re brothers, musicians, video makers, and YouTubers (www.youtube.com/thefumusic).  We love seeing music and video come together and telling stories through the pairing.  We’re super excited to travel with Contiki to New Zealand!  It’s been a destination we’ve always wanted to travel to and explore the beauty of the country while experiencing extreme sports!

Tell us about your experience on YOMYOMF’s “Internet Icon” (Contiki was a prize provider!) and how that has changed your YouTube lives.

Internet Icon has completely changed our YouTube lives.  We discovered a side of us that we never knew we had there – sentimental, heartfelt storytellers.  The challenges pushed us to write some of the best music we’ve written and pair them with videos we are most proud of!  Although we didn’t win, we made amazing friends and still get to travel with Contiki :)

Where have you traveled to and why?

Between Jacob, Josh, & Esther (Jacob’s wife), we’re pretty well traveled!  Since August, we’ve been to four different continents and New Zealand will be a fifth.  Our dad has always been a big traveler.  He has always made time to see the sights of the world.  And now that Jacob & Esther are married, they do their best to globe trot as much as possible!

Do you travel more often for work on The Fu Music page or for leisure?

In the past we’ve traveled mostly for leisure but we’re looking forward to traveling more for The Fu Music.  We want to meet our fans because they are amazing!  And we’d also get a chance to exploring cities, cultures and food.

Why do you think it is important for young people to travel and see the world?

Traveling is one of our priorities!  It gives us perspective on life and helps us learn more about other people.  Seeing different cities, experiencing other cultures, and tasting different foods helps us understand others better and gives us memories that we could never create sitting at home.  For us, we don’t spend much of our money on random things – we try to save up for our next trip.

How have your travels impacted your lives?

It has truly given us perspective on our lives in the states and how rich we are as a country.  It’s also helped us connect with people from different cultures and countries and definitely given us an appreciation for different flavors and foods!

You’re going on Contiki’s “Sweet As South” New Zealand tour! What are you most excited to see?

The landscape!  And the earth from a few thousand feet in the air when we skydive :)

What do you feel are the benefits of going on an escorted tour like Contiki?

We’re excited to go with Contiki!  It gives us the opportunity to travel without having to worry about the details yet we get the flexibility to explore what interests us.  We’ve been on traditional tours before and they never get it quite right.

What types of videos do you hope to create on this Contiki tour?

We want to do something with Bill the Duck.  We definitely feel like he holds the same value of traveling as we do :)

What are some of your favorite travel rituals? Do you collect any souvenirs on the road?

Esther & Jacob collect shot glasses and patches.  But beyond that we all love taking a lot of photos and seeking out the local hang out spots.  If we’re ever anywhere for an extended period, we like becoming “regulars” at a local restaurant or pub.  And of course, seeking out the best places to eat!! If anyone knows of good places to eat in NZ, tweet us @thefumusic!

About The Fu Music

Hi, we’re Jacob & Josh.  People call us The Fu.  We are a unique and dynamic duo that blend music and visuals to tell stories through our videos.  We’ve created over 180 videos, with the majority of those created in the past year, and have nearly 2.5M video views.  In the summer of 2012, we finished within the top three of YomYomf’s first season of Internet Icon, where we created the most watched and talked about challenge video of the season.  Outside of YouTube & music, we love taking photos, watching sports, playing FIFA, and traveling! We hope we get a chance to meet you soon.

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