Travel Tip Tuesday: Get Social with Contiki

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When you’re traveling with Contiki, you can always count on us to leave the door wide open for any questions, concerns, or just general conversation about our mutual love of travel!  With so many social media options, we want to make sure you know that you can easily ‘get social’ with us anytime – whether its from your mobile phone, your computer, or even a friendly phone call.

Check out the different ways you can get social with Contiki, your fellow Contiki travelers, and get all of your travel questions answered in a snap!

Subscribe to the Blog’s RSS Feed

Do you have a Google Reader? Love getting notified every time we update the blog?  Be sure to click the orange RSS feed symbol in the top right of the blog so you get instantaneous access to travel tips (like Travel Tip Tuesday!), promotions, contests, and news from Contiki.

Contiki Reservation Specialists

They don’t bite – we promise!  Our Contiki reservations specialists are all avid travel fans who know our Contiki brochures forward and backward.  They’ve been on trips as well and can help answer your travel questions or book you on your next trip of a lifetime. Feel free to give any of them a call at 1-866-CONTIKI (266-8454)!

Contiki Exchange

Have you checked out the Exchange yet?  Cool articles with everything from great places to eat or music to load up your MP3 player, Contiki has you covered.  Even better – you can customize your own Exchange page with posts, friends, and more with your Contiki account.  Visit now and start seeking!

Contiki MeetUps

We’ve chatted about Meetups before but we want to make sure that you’re aware of this invaluable tool when you book your Contiki trip.  You can register your booking reference number with your Contiki account and it’ll automatically find the Contiki trip you’ll be on!  Add photos, comments, and it’ll be added to the meetup group for all your fellow tour mates to see! You can also download Contiki’s Shout app if you have an iPhone and get many of these same features and more!

Contiki Twitter

Contiki is a global company so we have many global counterparts.  If you are a fan of the Contiki blog that doesn’t reside in the US, you’re in luck!  There are plenty of Twitter handles that can provide you with help on your booking or give you the latest promotions and deals.  Check out our list of the Contiki Global team and start beefing up your Twitter feed with all things Contiki!

Contiki Facebook

Last but not least, join more than 220K fellow Contiki fans on the social network that lets you leave comments, ask questions, post photos, and just share overall.  We love hearing all about your past, present, or future Contiki travels and welcome your questions or just cool travel-related tips, tricks, and style.  We’re at – come by and say hi!

For easy access, all these buttons are also featured on the right hand column of this blog.  Click and connect with us!  We’ll see you there.

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