Travel Tip Tuesday: Watch Travelogues Online!

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Theodore Leaf & Rachel Talbott
Theodore Leaf & Rachel Talbott

You’ve got your Anthony Bourdains, your Samantha Browns, and your Andrew Zimmerns – but there’s a different travel team in town, and they’re called Theodore Leaf & Rachel Talbott.  Looking for a new travelogue series to follow?  The FAWN network has got you covered.


Last year, Contiki partnered with Michelle Phan on her FAWN Network series, Wanderlust.  We’re excited to be a part of Season 3 – where FAWN gurus Rachel Talbott and Theodore Leaf travel on Contiki’s Berlin, Vienna, Prague trip to discover beauty, culture, and fashion abroad.  Travelogues such as these are great ways to inspire your next destination or help you plan what sights you want to see (or products you absolutely have to take home with you!)

The first episode of Wanderlust: Central Europe premiered today!  We’re happy to share it with you here.

Subscribe to the FAWN Network at and stay tuned every Tuesday for new episodes of Wanderlust featuring Contiki!

Want to see more travelogues?  Check out Hey Nadine‘s travelogues (she’s been on 9 Contiki tours!) on Contiki’s YouTube channel at!

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