Travel Tip Tuesday: Get Outdoors

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machupicchuoverviewThe first day of Spring is tomorrow, March 20th, and now that we have changed back into Daylight Savings Time, longer days mean getting outdoors and soaking up the sunshine before the summer heat.

While we love museums and cozy cafes, Spring fever has got us wanting to frolic through the flowers and soak up some Vitamin D.  Here’s a photo round-up of places we want to get outdoors to – whether it’s hiking, biking, or finding a bit of adventure! Get inspired and get outdoors!

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

grand canyon

Yosemite, California


Whistler, Canada


Queenstown, New Zealand


Shotover Queenstown

Halong Bay, Vietnam


Iguassu Falls, Brazil


What destinations are you dreaming of getting outdoors to? 

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