Travel Tip Tuesday: Packing a Travel Bag Full of Essentials

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Often times when we travel, we remember to pack the most basic travel items (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, etc.) but we often neglect to pack the items that we personally use on a regular basis:  our favorite facial wash, a first-aid kit for mishaps, deodorant.  Some of our staffers are partial to Rosebud Salve, St. Ives hand lotion, and Sally Hansen cuticle oil.  

We’ve rounded up must-haves for your carry-on and you know what to pack for a Europe trip, but what do you bring that makes you feel like you’ve got a piece of home with you?

FAWN Network’s Theodore Leaf launched his own video of travel essentials.  Check it out!


What do YOU consider an ESSENTIAL when traveling?

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