Travel Tip Tuesday: Explore a Local Cafe

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cafesCountries around the world each have their own unique coffee culture – Vietnam has their condensed milk and espresso concoction, ca phe sua da;  Turkey likes their coffee strong and sweet; and we can’t forget Italy, home to the quintessential cup of cappuccino.  Skipping over the Starbucks that is bound to pop up around the world and ducking into a local cafe or coffeeshop to immerse oneself with the local vibe and culture is an absolute must on any trip (be sure to ask your tour manager for tips on your next Contiki!)


Check out this episode of Wanderlust: Central Europe as FAWN Network’s Rachel Talbott spends her last day in Vienna on Contiki’s Berlin, Prague, plus Vienna tour visiting a landmark cafe and soaking in the local culture (not to mention trying the apple streudel!)



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