Earth Month 2013: Making a Difference with Your #OneShot

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In honor of Earth Month, Contiki has launched The One Shot Series!  We want to know – what drives you to use your #OneShot to make real change in the world? We’re giving you the opportunity to tell us and win.

Right now, legendary adventurer Celine Cousteau has joined Contiki once again to celebrate Earth Month – and Contiki’s dedication to ocean conservation – on a trip to Galapagos where she’ll dive with Contiki passengers and our partners.

She will also be joined by inspiring members of our global community, who each have individual passions and interests which drive their desires to raise awareness of environmental sustainability – in particular, oceans.

The One Shot Series profiles three key attendees. Granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau, Celine Cousteau works tirelessly to bring awareness to sustainability through learning from locals and passing that invaluable knowledge on to wider audiences. She is Contiki’s sustainability partner, taking a group of Contiki travelers to dive to Mexico last year to study the Mesoamerican Reef.

21-year-old Australian, Felicity Palmateer, is a professional surfer who spends her life in the ocean, her belief in herself pushing her to succeed in the waves.  Therefore, she’s using her one shot to raise awareness around ocean conservation since she spends so much time there.

Sarah Taylor began her career as a VJ for MuchMusic in Canada – interviewing music icons such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Oprah. Sarah has used her celebrity status as a platform with which to bring awareness to global human rights issues, working with organizations such as World Vision, PETA, and TEDxTalks.

These inspiring women are using their One Shot to inspire others to make real change. Find more about them at

Find out more about others who are going to be joining Celine, Sarah and Felicity on the trip.

We’re giving you the chance to make a difference too.

Tell us what drives you to use your one shot to make real change by tweeting us using the hashtag #OneShot or entering here.

Examples include:

  • You’re an avid hiker and nature lover, therefore forest protection and reforestation are important to you
  • You’ve traded in driving your car solo and you’re taking your bike to school or work, thus reducing your carbon footprint
  • You shop at local farmer’s markets because you want to support local business and sustainable products


The top 10 entries will have a Galapagos shark adopted on their behalf, and win a pack of beachwear from our friends at Billabong.

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