Thoughtful Thursday: Are You WAY Too Serious?

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circlesLike the Joker said in the film “Batman Begins”: Why so serious?  Often times, we sweat the small stuff and let things bother us.  Instead of reacting, be proactive and put positivity in front of you – this is especially useful when you are traveling and exploring new cultures and having new experiences.

Christine Hassler explores the serious business of being serious and sheds light on how to shed some inner peace into your life.

Guest Blog Post by Christine Hassler

We all take life and ourselves a little too seriously. We get upset about things that really don’t matter. We also get super serious about our spiritual practice. But sometimes the most spiritual thing to do is too LAUGH.

I had some incredible reminders of the value of NOT taking things so seriously last week. Monday started with major tech glitches that threw off my schedule. Then a pipe burst in my bathroom that flooded half the downstairs of my place. Then I slipped on the kitchen floor on my way to shut off the water and hurt my back. Then I started laughing hysterically as I laid splat and soaking wet on my kitchen floor realizing both the humor and lack of control. I’m incredibly grateful to have come a LONG way in knowing that sh*t happens but we always get to choose how we respond.

Later in the week I was at a yoga class and the teacher spilled a grande soy latte all over her new iPad. Instead of freaking out and getting upset, she calmly wiped it up, had a fantastic LAUGH over it and went back to teaching/serving us. That is some authentic namaste.

Having a sense of humor is spiritual. Laughter directly connects us to the present moment and to the JOY that is inherent in each of us. The next time the Uni-verse presents you with an opportunity to be stressed out or upset about something, find the humor in it.

Stuff happens that isn’t that big of a deal, but you are making it a huge deal. Stop worrying about the ticket you got. Let go of the thing someone said to you that is bugging you. Quit beating yourself up over something you did or didn’t. Find the humor in all of it. Laugh it off. Don’t stew in it.

You know a lot; are you implementing it? When stuff happens, your response to it is the BEST test on to what degree you are truly implementing new awareness. We all have comfort zones of going into a reaction of being a certain way like: sad, depressed, victimey, going into addict behavior, etc. What is the NEW and more UPLIFTING way you’d like to react?

You don’t need to be so serious all the time. You don’t need to hunt for the lesson in every single experience. Of course there are absolutely moments when being serious is appropriate but seriously, don’t we have enough of those?

Put down all the books that are telling you how to be more, better or different and LIGHTEN UP. Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. Take yourself and your life with more lightheartedness and you will uplift both your consciousness and your mood.

With love,


About the Author:

Christine Hassler left her successful job as a Hollywood agent at 25 to pursue a life she could be passionate about…but it did not come easily. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences, she realized her journey was indeed her destination. In 2005, she wrote the first guide book written exclusively for young women, entitled 20 Something 20 Everything. Christine’s second book, The 20 Something Manifesto written for men and women stems from her experience coaching twenty-something’s.

Today, she supports individuals as a Life Coach helping clients discover the answers to the questions: “Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it?” As a professional speaker, Christine leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country. She has spoken to over 10,000 college students as well as to conferences and corporations about generational diversity. Christine has appeared as an expert on The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style and PBS, as well as various local television and radio shows, speaking about life issues and “Expectation Hangovers®” – a phenomenon she identified and trademarked.

Christine is the spokesperson for Zync from American Express and the key resource for their Quarterlife Program which empowers young people to take control of their finances. She also created a life balance curriculum for the Leadership Institute and is a member of Northwestern University’s Council of 100.

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