Travel Tip Tuesday: Knowing Where Your Contiki Tour Begins

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hotelsOne of our most frequently asked questions often involves where the tour departs.  You often know the city where your tour begins but narrowing down exactly which hotel you’re staying at can be a bit tricky.  Here’s some tips on where you can find out where your Contiki tour begins!

Your Contiki Travel Documents

Contiki sends you a packet of travel documents prior to your departure, which includes your hotel vouchers and the name of the starting point of your hotel.  All the information you need is included in these physical documents so be sure to read through them thoroughly!

Your Contiki Brochure

Did you know that in the back of your Contiki brochure (next to “Booking Conditions” – there’s usually a listing of all the tour departure points and hotels?  This information is also available to you online as well! You’ll find information about how to get to the starting point from the airport and also gives you the start times for the tours – so you know exactly what time you should be arriving.  You’ll also find information on how to extend your vacation and stay longer either before or after your trip.  Unless there has been a change to the schedule (which you will be notified about), this is a useful guide.

Contiki’s Facebook Page

Feel free to leave a comment on Contiki’s Facebook page if you’re still not sure what your tour departure point – after all, you want to start your tour off on the right foot (and in the right place!)

Contiki’s Meetups

Make sure you’re connected with your fellow passengers on Contiki Meetups– they will also be your information hub (two heads are better than one!) and with the collective research from the entire group, you’ll be ready to kick off your next Contiki tour in the right place at the right time!


Check out this and many more travel tips on the site to help you make the most of your next Contiki!

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