Thoughtful Thursday: Money – A Love Story

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Dolla BillsOne of the biggest considerations one has when looking to book travel is money.  Contiki has lots of tips to make saving funds for that upcoming vacation a reality – it’s called Jetsetting Made Easy, because we know that we all have a relationship with our hard-earned dollars and we want to make sure they are well-spent.

Check out Christine Hassler’s love story with money and how you can maintain a healthy and happy relationship (to later make your Contiki trip a reality!)

Guest Blog Post by Christine Hassler

Money. What happens for you when you think about it? Do you feel relaxed and abundant? Or stressed, restricted, upset and anxious?

All of us have a relationship with money and it is important to have a healthy one since it is a necessary part of our lives. For those of us on a spiritual path, there can often be a misunderstanding that “money shouldn’t matter” but it does.

In my twenties, my relationship with money was unhealthy. I was in a lot of debt and “I can’t afford” was my go-to excuse for everything I wanted but did not have. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around having to work really hard for money and thought that my source of security lied in a steady paycheck. My fear around money was the #1 thing that kept me in a job I hated.

Healing my limiting beliefs around money was a big part of my personal development. I shifted everything about how I spend, save and even talk about money.

Is your relationship with money healthy, thriving and contributing positively to all aspects of your life?

We can have tons of judgments of ourselves if we can’t seem to get our finances together. Struggling with money can be a huge source of pain and continual stress. To get rid of all the baggage you have around your finances, you have to unpack your belief systems about money.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the BEST experts I know on how to update your beliefs so you can have a healthy and abundant relationship with money, my friend Kate Northrup. In this interview, we talked about her new book Money: A Love Story.

Kate shared that her story about getting out of debt by healing her relationship with money. Her big “aha” came when she realized her lack of financial awareness and prosperity was a direct reflection of how she kept herself small and did not love herself. She began to see that if she could marry financial awareness with self-love and taking care of herself. As she did so, she was empowered to take action steps and shifted all aspects of her life for the better. Her money love story is the inspiration for her amazing work today.

Take 30 minutes to watch this interview, it is an awesome investment!! Kate gives LOTS of practical tips.

One of my favorite moments of the interview was when Kate explained that when we use the excuse, “I can’t afford it” we are really saying one of three things:

1) I don’t really want it that bad
2) I don’ t want to do what it would require to get
3) I don’t think I deserve it

Kate also gave me a sneak preview of one of the journal exercises in the book, which is to write down your biggest frustration when it comes to money and then write down your first memory about money growing up. Next, look for connections between those two things. Usually there is a huge connection between present money struggles and memories about money. For example, if you currently feel like you never have enough money to pay the bills and one of your first memories is your parents fighting over not having enough money, there’s a BIG connection. A suggestion Kate gave to shift this particular example is to pay more attention to where you DO have enough like your friends, beautiful experiences, and health.

It’s amazing what we are not conscious of when it comes to money that sabotages our finances and keeps us in patterns of avoidance and chaos. To be truly prosperous, approach your finances in a loving way with your eyes wide open. Kate takes a fun, understanding, and – most of all – proven approach to creating true financial freedom. You won’t find any shame, blame, or finger wagging here. Just tons of relatable moments and simple, step-by-step guidance to living out your own money love story.

You will notice Kate’s passion and pure heart in our interview. I just love her!! True abundance, financial clarity, and a loving relationship with your money (and yourself) are all yours for the having!!! You are worthy, deserving and enough!!

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