Our Trip Managers’ Resolutions for 2014!

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It’s that time of the year again, New Year’s – a time to reflect, rejoice, and resolve. This year, we asked Contiki’s very own Trip Managers to share their New Year’s resolutions for 2014 and how they plan to achieve them.

Take a peek at how our 2013 Trip Managers plan to make every moment of 2014 count!

Craig Zapatka

From Midland, TX


“For 2014, my New Year’s resolution is to learn to a new language.  With Spanish, Portuguese, and basic Thai already under my belt, I want to continue making headway in the international community by diving into German. I plan to achieve this goal by utilizing dictionaries, applications, and reconnecting with past passengers from all over the world. I have traveled nonstop for the past 3 years, so now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and reconnect with old relationships as I continue to make new ones.”


Tony Bauer

From Indianapolis, IN


“My New Year’s resolution is to turn off my cell phone while in the company of people. Humans have incredible growth potential, but unfortunately we stunt that growth by pacifying ourselves with our phones instead of experiencing life.  Life is best experienced by living in the actual world, not the virtual one.  So, I’m going to put away my phone—the Grumpy Cat memes can wait.”


Jack Larsen

From Lone Star, TX


“In 2014, I resolve to not be hung over on New Year’s Day! I think it starts the New Year off on a negative note if you’re feeling like crap on the first day. My second resolution is to give back to the community more. This past year, I worked on a business plan for a foundation funding scholarships to students that create a model of how they plan to give back to their local community (i.e. creating a public garden, creating a youth center, etc.).  I’ll be giving away my first scholarship in 2014!”


Jon Rammelkamp

From Hermosa Beach, CA

Jon“This year, I’m resolving to challenge myself by being open to new perspectives, meeting new people, getting outside my comfort zone, and striving to always be a better me.  Working as a Tour Manager for Contiki sets up the perfect playing field for accomplishing all of these goals. Looking forward to a productive and transformative 2014!”


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