Happy Earth Day 2014 from Contiki Vacations!

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Happy Earth Day from the Contiki Vacations USA team

Whether you’re taking a #globalselfie for NASA or just doing your part in your everyday life to be more environmentally-conscious and friendly, we want to take this opportunity to share the story of truly inspiring trip known to us as the Contiki Vacations Storytellers: Costa Rica trip.

In honor of April, designated as Earth Month, Contiki Vacations partnered with Matador Network to look for storytellers to join a fantastic trip to Costa Rica to visit our latest conservation project, The Sea Turtle Conservancy in Costa Rica.  Check out this fantastic preview video from the trip and stay tuned for more!

We’re creating a community of young and passionate people, who simultaneously live with conscience and live to travel. This is your chance to become a part of something special. To find out more information about Contiki Vacations and our conservation efforts, visit www.contiki.com/contikicares.

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