Contiki Vacations #EmptyTheBucket Campaign – 5 Vine Videos

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FacebookGraphic_ContestLaunch_ETBWe’ve already blasted through Week 1 of the #EmptyTheBucket :06 Seconds to Adventure Campaign and we are enjoying all the Vine submissions!

The first winner of the #EmptyTheBucket challenge has already been selected!

Congratulations to Vine user @BrookeLovesMusic.  She’ll be filling up her empty passport as she’s emptying out her bucket list on a Contiki vacation of her very own!


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

However, we wanted to shout out to a few other Vine videos that tickled our fancy.  There’s still 4 more weeks left and 5 more chances to win, so don’t get it twisted and show us your bucket list – say it, write it, use your dog, show us your creativity!  

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