Getting your Contiki TravelFIX

Welcome to our newly redesigned blog!

Formerly known as "The Official Contiki Blog," Contiki TravelFIX is the destination to help empower young Americans to explore the world. Whether you've never traveled with Contiki, you're planning a trip in the coming year, or you have a few Contiki legends under your belt, we've created this space for you so that you can easily find the information you want - written by the travel experts here in the Contiki US office based in sunny California.

It's time to get FIXated on Contiki and travel. Start exploring today!

What You’ll Discover

If you're interested in seeing the most up-to-date news, you can explore all of our recent posts in the latest posts category on the Home page.

Do you love food? Our contributors have written some tasty food posts that will sure to make you salivate. See how you can tickle your tastebuds around the world!

Can't decide between Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, or USA & Canada?  Check out the destination spotlights to give yourself a little "destination inspiration" and find out which Contiki trip might be calling your name in the future!

Become a travel pro and get expert travel advice and keep up with trends for young Americans traveling abroad with our tried-and-true travel tips.  Make your next trip abroad as enjoyable as possible - starting long before you've even booked a Contiki!

Want to see the faces behind the Contiki TravelFIX?  Contiki USA has a team of contributors sharing upcoming Contiki news, travel stories, expert travel advice, and fresh perspectives for our past, present, and future travelers.