Credit Card Chips

13 Jul 2008 Kate1985 said

So I went to the commonwealth bank 2 weeks ago and they said that my old credit card without a chip would be ok to use, and now I ring them to inform them of my trip so they dont cancel my card on me, and they say I need a new card with a chip and that I will have to pay $20 to get it express posted coz I leave next week.<BR><BR>are they trying to con me into paying an extra $20 that I dont need to pay? I have heard that the wizard card (no chip) works fine everywhere, so why would that card work and not a commonwealth card without a chip? And why would the branch tell me something different to the call centre?<BR><BR>I really hate the Commonwealth Bank right now! <BR><BR>I have a Wizard card anyway which will be my main use, but I wanted my commonwealth as a back up, but not for an extra $20. <BR><BR>Any feedback/suggestions are muchly appreciated. :-)



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