Sep 22nd to Oct 11th 2008

23 Mar 2008 NicSta said

Hey guyz,<BR> Now I am absolutely freaking out because bout this trip as I have never ever done anything likes this before…I’m like the most boring 21 year old I swear cause all I do is work, Rarely go out so work and sleep is pretty much all I do.<BR>But I have planned this trip for something exciting…going on my own so I’m already holding my breath and goin blue in the face with fear. <BR>I’m from Australia and would like to know what the plane trip is like to London, not really a fan on flying and I have never been on a plane longer then an hour and a half haha so I’m in for a shock….plus when the plane stop for change over or re fueling is it possible to get lost at the other air ports when finding ya next plane.<BR>What happens when ya get to London…where do you go from there? I would be like yeah cool made it here now what am I supposed to do haha find a bar for a drink I’m sure that will come to mind but yeah…<BR>Any who will head off and leave yas to it…any one have any tips please feel free to share and care lol<BR>Thanks for your time<BR>Nikki
  • 21 May 2008 karlsgirl said


    hey! so i found jess’s other post first and replied to it.. but now ive found this one and i see that its where everyone is!
    so my name is jess too and im booked on this tour also. im 21, from newcastle, and travelling with my boyfriend karl. we are getting visa’s to stay in london after the tour and work for 12 months and do some more travelling! we are not very well prepared yet though! we are both working so much at the moment that it’s been really hard to make time for planning!
    anyway im excited to talk to you all!

  • 21 May 2008 laura021 said


    hey welcome jess and karl its so nice to atualy talk to ppl befor we go Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 22 May 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hey Jess and Karl!!! Welcome! Hehe I’m not at all surprised that there’s another Jess hehe – the name was very popular in 1985 and 1986 – Jess you’d know what school was like!

    Anyway Laura I know what you mean about talking and thinking about it, and Jess about not having time to look stuff up! I spend all day at work on a computer so can’t be bothered going home to a computer! But at least we can all chat and get really excited here!

    Yay! So we’ve got two guys that we know of on tour – was hoping my bf wouldn’t be the only one coz from what I’ve read they can be very female dominated!

    I’m so jealous you’re staying after, and Laura you’re going to over there for like 3 extra weeks!! This is my trip to try and convince my bf to move for a while hehehe :-D

    Well that’s my novel so better go!

  • 22 May 2008 laura021 said


    hey guys i atually went shopping today have got nearly everthing i need extra for the trip like rain jacket thermals travel HAIR DRIER the list goes on tryed to get a portable hard drive for my photos arent meany around so have got a few shops looking out for me.

    jess you where talking about looking up places were on on the trip how about we made it easyer and look up differnt paces and either post them on here or on the facebook page may save each other time dont know if ya keen just let me know.

  • 22 May 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hey so what were the prices like for travel hair dryers (if you don’t mind me asking). I haven’t looked yet.

    You don’t need a portable hard drive if you’re going to take lots of memory cards – I just decided that it’s probably going to be easier and cheaper for me to buy a portable HD. I’ll probably get it online I reckon but I haven’t looked into it enough – I need to work out what camera I’m going to buy first. I can’t decide between a DSLR or a higher end compact camera.

    That’s sounds like a good idea… or we can even just look up whatever and share it anyway – however, I don’t mind. Facebook probably will be better to share right? I can’t access it during the day at work, but I shouldn’t be anyway really hehe :-)

  • 22 May 2008 laura021 said


    hey hair dryer was cheap $25.00

    i did look at a memory sticks but hard drives are cheaper the guy i spoke to said 16GB memory stick is 300 and somthing bucks but he recons he could ge me a 125GB hard drive for $125 who knows ill shop around.. knowing me ill miss place memory cards lol.

    facebook is proberly the way to go we can just post wat ever we find out ans see how we go ???

  • 22 May 2008 Jess-ade said


    Yep facebook it is!

  • 26 May 2008 Jess-ade said


    Woo hoo! Applied for my passport today.. yay!!!!

  • 27 May 2008 laura021 said


    congrats on applyin for a passport its EXCITING stuff lol 97 more sleeps for me

  • 27 May 2008 NicSta said


    Hey girls!!!

    Lol jeez use 2 can chat away gone for a bloody week and looked what I’ve missed out on I’m all sad now lol.
    My Nan got ill so we kinda had to drop everything and head up to Tamworth for a week… whole week without the net nearly killed me was going through some really bad withdrawals hey!!!

    Laura was great havin a chat with ya last night sorry I couldn’t stay long was funny when I got on facebook and had 2 friend requests when I saw the names I was like who on earth are these 2 and then it clicked haha I will take the stupid award now if I may.

    Jess as for Mildura I have heard if it but I have no idea where is it or how far away it is from me lol. Congrats for the passport finalizing you should get it soon yay! I have to pop into the travel agent and changed my details so it matches my passport so that is on my to do list for tomorrow.

    Ok I have a few questions what is a silk sleeping bag liner haha I have never seen one and what’s with the hair dryer converter thing and what bout hair straightners

    Thanks for sharing your packing list lol you girls have done so much research already haha I’m starting feel lazy so I better get cracking!! Not long to go hey and yes it will be the trip if a life time for sure

    Well I shall leaves you to it…now I’m back home will more then likely be back on her later tonight hahaha


  • 27 May 2008 laura021 said


    welcome back nikki

    hair dryer is a travel one its small and easy to pack.

    im so taking my hair staightners coz i can live with out them hahahahhaha

    and the converters is just to convert the plugs so they fit into the power sockets .

    i think most sleeping bags r silk i think with silk once you dont get bed bugs but im not to sure.

    hopfuly your back up so speed and i answered the questions you needed im having a blond day havent had to use my brain today so i may be all wrong hahaha

  • 1 Jun 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hey guys!

    What are you doing for money while in Europe? Are you using credit card (with or without your cash loaded), ATM debit card, or what?? I’m looking into what’s the best option right now…

  • 2 Jun 2008 laura021 said


    hey im taking 2 credit card incase 1 gets stolen (im going to hide one) and also some cash

  • 2 Jun 2008 Steve85 said


    Howdy all, I’ve just returned from Euro Experience – and with money – don’t take too much cash, someone in our group got $AU1000 flogged by a tradesman who was fixing one of the cabins one day – pretty dodgy.

    If you feel like being organised, Travelex cash passport is the way to go, locked in exchange rate, you get 2 cards, easily replaceable, cheap withdrawal fees and access to millions of ATM’s.

    That said, have fun preparing – you’re in for the time of your lives!

    Oh and start a facebook group – it’s the best way to meet everyone pre-tour. Enjoy!

  • 2 Jun 2008 laura021 said


    hey steve thanks for that

  • 2 Jun 2008 Jess-ade said


    Thanks Steve! When I have cash I’m planning on keeping it all on myself, excpet maybe an emergency 50 euros. Got the facebook going already, cheers!

    From what I’ve read on here the Travelex cash passports seems to cost a lot in comparison to anything else like my credit cards… % to load money, % to withdrawer or something like that.

    So I’ve just applied for a Wizard Clear Advantage cc – they’ve got no fees at all on overseas transactions and cost nothing to set up. Here’s hoping it gets approved!!! I was just unsure about whether to get one as I know there are some dodgy financial institutions out there, but there seems to be a positive response on the Contiki forums. Then I think I’ll take a backup CC with a bit of money of it (oh yeah, loading all my money on the Wizard card not actually using the credit!). And we’ll start with a little bit of cash – I think I’ll order it through Australia Post.

  • 3 Jun 2008 Steve85 said


    Ahh fair enough, whatever works for you.

    I used my credit card once, for steins in Germany, and I only withdrew cash 3 times, Paris, Venice and once in Liechtenstein for some Franc. To me it wasn’t a big hassle and cash passport was perfect for that. I guess I was a bit silly with the amounts I carried on me, but I was careful with my stuff so it was ok.

    Don’t stress over it, there’s ATM’s everywhere and your tour guide points them out as well as good places with good rates to exchange currency.

    OMG im getting excited again! haha.

  • 3 Jun 2008 Steve85 said


    Jess – just reading back a few pages you seem super prepared good on you.

    Tip: good idea with power board – you’ll be a hero to all the aussies on the bus if you bring one! Plus handy for one-night stop overs.

    Another tip: pack, then halve it. Even the girls don’t use everything, trust me. You pick up like 10kg of souvenirs along the way and airport staff give you the evil eye when your bag is 40kg like mine was haha!

  • 3 Jun 2008 Jess-ade said


    Thanks for all of that advice Steve. Lol! I am trying to be super prepared – I can’t really help it though because I’m not scared at all, just REALLY excited!

    I’m pretty good with packing so I think I’ll manage. I’m going to squeeze my sleeping bag in my suitcase on the way over to prevent me from packing too much! I’m aiming for 15kg or less on the way over. I’m lucky in that I’m going with my boyfriend so we’ll have extra space to pack souvenirs as we won’t be buying doubles.


  • 3 Jun 2008 laura021 said


    thanks heaps steve

    im going through LA so that im allowed 2 peaces of baggage at 23kgs EACH so i dont have to watch wat i buy over there lol.



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