19 Jun 2009 kristy uk & europe09 said

hi everyone im a bit confused our 12th sep contrasts tour said we will be in munich DURING oktoberfest, i found out today that contiki dosent have a excursion into a beer tent, there is baverian beer hall but this is not part of oktoberfest... did anyone have any prob getting into a tent if u went to octoberfest? is there any particular tent u reccomend??? any info would be appreciated<BR>cheers kristy australia
  • 20 Jun 2009 Ads said


    Hi Kristy

    I’m Adrian from Adelaide.

    I’m planning on heading to Munich during Oktoberfest, but haven’t planned anything as yet.

    Let me kno if u r interested.



  • 21 Jun 2009 Leigh said


    So did you talk to someone at contiki about it? Do you know for sure that Contiki doesn’t take the group into oktoberfest?

  • 22 Jun 2009 Twisty said


    Contiki generalises “bavarian beer hall” so people feel they arent railroaded into going to a particular beerhall. There are roughly 20 different kinds of beer halls at Oktoberfest and you can go wherever you like. Or not even go to a beer hall at all!

    The tour I went on last year, we all decided to go to the Lowenbrau beer hall. Its a common beer that you can buy here in australia if you want to sample it before you go.

    I cant imagine Contiki not taking you to oktoberfest if you are there while its being celebrated.



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