Safety versus dreams - your brain or your heart?

1 Oct 2006 dolphincass asked

Hi everyone.
I have been looking at doing the "Road to Athens" tour, as well as the Egypt tour in March/April/May next year, but have read travel advisories that say Egypt isn't very safe at the moment, and that I'd need to exercise a "high degree of caution". I've always dreamed of going to Egypt, but am not so sure it's the best idea. I've thought of maybe doing the European Panorama instead - spending more time to explore more of Europe instead of risking my safety. But I don't want to regret having missed out on possibly the only opportunity I will have to see the beauty of the pyramids and sphinx, and immersing myself in the history of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?! This will be my first trip overseas, so I'm a bit apprehensive, but still so excited.

Do I follow my heart and dreams and go to Egypt, or do what my brain tells me is safer and just stick to Europe? Confused
Any advice would be hugely appreciated.




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