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Cash or Card?

11 Sep 2010 asparkoflife asked

I am wondering what kind of cash:card ratio is safe. I have a debit/atm card with visa logo. Do most places take those cards or should I have cash on me? <BR><BR>if so...How much cash(Euro) should I have?<BR><BR>thansk for any advice!
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  • 11 Sep 2010 PinaI said


    I usually take off with about 300-500euro and then withdraw the same amount as I go, along the way.

    Yes you pay bank fees for withdrawing the money as you go but I’d rather pay $5-$10 for doing that than lugging around thousands of Euros and risk it being lost or stolen.

    Whilst I’m overf there, for big purchases I use my credit card (visa), for anything under, say 50euro, I pay cash.

  • 11 Sep 2010 asparkoflife said


    thanks for the tip! I’ll do that. I really appreicate it!

  • 17 Sep 2010 lizzie said


    i do the same i take about 500 euro then withdraw cash from my card. If ur australian u can get a NAB gold card which u pay $10 a month in fees but u pay no withdrawal fees whilst overseas… well atleast i travelled thru europe for 3months and did 22 countries and never paid a withdrawal fee!

  • 20 Sep 2010 Canadian1212 said


    Does anyone know of a Canadian card similar to this, with much lower fees than using usual ATM and debit cards?

  • 22 Sep 2010 Wez said


    Agree with the above… Use cash for cheap stuff and when shopping in markets ect and card for expensive stuff. Visa & Mastercard are accepted most everywhere. I have heard that credit card fraud happens in some Eastern European places, so be a little careful there.

  • 23 Sep 2010 Kate said


    Vias is accepted everywhere I never had any probs. I always tried to have about 200 euro in cash (and of that, some in my wallet, some in my pack). If you get ‘stuck’ without cash its never a big deal – someone is alwways willing to lend you some until you get to an atm or whatever.

    Just dont carry too much cash with you just in case. But if you are safe (like, carry your bag around over your shoulder, dont put things in back pockets, be aware of your person the whole time and NEVER put a bag down anywhere) than you should be absolutely fine no matter how much money you carry around.

  • 24 Sep 2010 Explorer1210076 said


    I have a debit card already which i am still using, and i just recieved another 1 in the post which is the same as my old 1 but different numbers and it is gold and says service card at the top, whereas the 1 i use now says cash card…? what is the need 4 this secound card?
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  • 25 Sep 2010 belly86 said


    Another option is you could get a prepaid travel creditcard. it allows up to 2 currencys on the card and you purchase your currency before you go so you dont have to worry about exchange rates or anything like that. you just pay the atm fee.

  • 2 Oct 2010 Geoff said


    Cards. Get the cash once you arrive to your destination. The best exchange rates are from using your ATM Card to get cash out as well as using your credit cards. You will get a heavy service charge going to a currency dealer. Also, bringing that much cash in a foreign currency over is a risk it getting stolen or lost.

    The only reason you would possibly want to get money out prior to the trip is the exchange rate. how much your currency is in the foreign country. The current economy the rates have been drastically changing up and down this year. I expect the euro and pound will fall a bit come this spring.

  • 4 Oct 2010 dholdenfreak said



    I know you can get mastercards from the bank (im with the commonwealth) where you can deposit money in the currency you are after. No monthly fees and no efpos charges. They only charge approx 2.20 per atm withdrawl but you will have to check with your bank. You can also bpay to transfer funds into the account.

    Hope this helps

  • 4 Oct 2010 CharlesF-M said


    I believe Florence and Rome had a lot of ATM’s that did not accept international cards, but there were still lots that did.

  • 21 Mar 2011 teresaxx19 said


    these tips are all really good… thanks so much

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