How Cold is it REALLY?

4 Nov 2006 lorettski asked

Hi,<BR><BR> I am spending February & March in Europe, and I am doing the European Discovery tour from Feb. 25th - March 10. Now... I have been trying to decide what I will need to pack and determine if I really need to bring a warm winter coat.<BR><BR>Being from Canada, and seeing that the temperatures in most of Europe will always be above 0... I am a little skeptical that I will need a really warm coat. I don't want to pack a bluky winter jacket if I can make do with a light spring jacket, and just be layering clothes underneath and bringing along a scarf, toque, and gloves. <BR><BR>Anyone else find that they could make do with layers & a lighter jacket?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Loretta
  • 12 Nov 2006 Lisa-Marie said


    Hey Loretta
    Im from Burlington Ontario Canada so I know what you mean when you say cold. Im going to Europe January 17th on the European Discovery tour so I was wondering the same thing you are. I just bought a jacket from roots. Its not a down filled jacket but it has fur on the inside and in the hood. Its big enough for me to wear a little sweater underneath so I’m hoping thats enough. I figure as long as we have thermals, warm gloves, and something to cover our ears we’ll survive.



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