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Time out VS Concept

7 Oct 2006 *nikki_adelaide* said

Hi all,<BR>ive just been to the travel agent who tried really hard to sell me on a time out tour (European Vista). I have had in mind a concept tour (European Escapade).<BR><BR>I tried searching through old threads as it did my head in.<BR><BR>I really would like a list of pros and cons for the hotel tours and for the tours that are mainly cabin style. Ive heard so many different opinions, i would rather get advise from you guys than a travel agent.<BR><BR>I have on the lists so far:<BR><BR>Concept & camping<BR>- I know the concept tours are about 45minutes out of the city. Which means i assume going in with the bus, coming back quite early unless you want to fork out a buttload of money for a cab home. But i guess you party on at the contiki village after? CON<BR>- Read comments about feeling more bonded with your tour mates on these tours than on hotel tours.PRO<BR>- Need a sleeping bag and towels CON<BR>- Spend 12 nights in the cabins, the other 12 are in special stop overs, hotels, hostels. A bit of everything. PRO<BR><BR><BR>Time Out<BR>- Hotels, nicer places to stay and located close/in the city PRO<BR>- Dont feel as bonded with tourmates CON<BR>- Dont have to worry about towel/sleeping bag PRO<BR>- Staying in only hotels and special stop overs, not really experienceing the nitty gritty of a Europe tour CON<BR><BR>I think for the Euro Escapade (concept tour) i'd be looking at around 3000 for time of year & food fund - 25 days<BR><BR>Euro Vista would be around 2900 - 21 days (dont have to pay for food fund)?<BR><BR>I would really appreciate some advise for those in the know.<BR><BR>Thanks <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
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  • 8 Oct 2006 CindyCanuck said


    I can only speak for the “time-out” tours…

    Time Out
    - Hotels, nicer places to stay and located close/in the city PRO
    Yes, we were often close in the city, on a transit line or a short cab ride away.

    - Dont feel as bonded with tourmates CON
    I would have to disagree on this point. You still bond with people. The were 49 of us, some I didn’t get to know well but that was more because of a language barrier rather than the fact they had their own room. You eat together, sit on the same bus together, wander the cities together and party together. I’m on MSN everyday with tourmates.

    - Dont have to worry about towel/sleeping bag PRO
    Yep, that was nice. When we went to the beach in Nice, we all just took towels from out room too. Now folding away sleeping bags everyday, just leave your bed a mess and walk out the door.

    - Staying in only hotels and special stop overs, not really experienceing the nitty gritty of a Europe tour CON
    I think it depends what you consider the nitty-gritty to be. In Lucerne, we (& by we, I mean the different ppl I hung out with each day, not the tour en mas) stopped at a bakery and grocery and grabbed bread, meat and cheese and ate on the bank of Lake Lucerne. We allowed ourselves to get lost in Venice and wander the back streets and side alleys. We toured the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona during the worst rain storm in 7 years. We drank overselves stupid and danced all night to the Umpapa band in Munich. We wandered Nice and crashed on the pebble beach in the afternoon for some much needed relaxation.

    Euro Vista would be around 2900 – 21 days (dont have to pay for food fund)?
    You still have to pay for some meals, but breakfast is always included and half of your dinners. Lunch and some dinners you’ll have to cover on your own but there are many cheaper options. I think the latter would also apply to the Concept as well though. You never have to make food or clean-up after dinner or wash dishes. You just sit, eat, talk about the day and get to know each other and your different cultures.

    I guess it depends on what you feel more comfortable with. This was my first real trip anywhere, let alone overseas on my own. I liked having a clean room with my own bathroom. It was always an adventure though to see what the next hotel would be like, some were better than others. Yes, I would have liked more time in some spots. I didn’t find Nice to be that fabulous (go to Wayne’s bar though. It’s great!). I would have rather had an extra day in Munich. Some people liked Nice better though. Either way, these are all good trips, it’s just more about what you feel comfortable with. Yes, I wanted comfort and I got it. I had a great time with all 49 of my tourmates and bonded closely with many. We weren’t a party until you pass out group, but we closed down the bars and clubs most nights. I think it’s all about what you make it out to be.

    I hope that helps,

  • 14 Oct 2006 *nikki_adelaide* said


    Thanks all for your help.

    Im still very up in air about whether to go Budget or Superior!

    No one has really said they found anything really wrong with either of the types of tours.

    I guess it will come to me somehow, and either way i’ll have an awesome time.

  • 19 Oct 2006 smithyana said


    I’m still deciding which tour i’ll be doing, but i’m definitely doing a concept tour. I’d rather spend that extra money on enjoying myself rather than a bit more comfy room. Its maybe just me, but after 2 other tours, where i spent very little time in my hotel rooms, i figure its really just somewhere to lay your head!

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