Correct Guaranteed Departure??

20 Jan 2008 Lauren87 asked

I have noticed in a couple of posts that people are talking about going on the European Vista guaranteed departure on Aug 9th...<BR><BR>According to my book it says the tour on Aug 11th is guaranteed but Aug 9th is NOT.<BR><BR>Looking at going on the Aug 11th guaranteed one so just checking if this is correct or if my book is wrong lol......
  • 21 Jan 2008 Lauren87 said


    Oh ok that would make sense…

    I’m an Aussie!

    So the G.D. for aussies is the 11th but for the US it is the 9th…

    Thanks for that!

  • 21 Jan 2008 Lauren87 said


    Ok thanks so much for the info SPC_75!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    Was getting a bit worried there hehe Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

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