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what airline did u all fly with

25 Jul 2008 mikeyperth said

hey all<BR>what airline did u fly with to London from the land down under, just im don't no who to fly with from Perth so if any one can tell me who they flew with and if they thought is was good or bad
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  • 26 Jul 2008 CatherineOz said


    I have left yet, but I’m flying Thai Airways from Melbourne via bangkok. Emirates are also supposed to be good, I can definately recommend Singapore Airlines.

  • 26 Jul 2008 Celi said



    im flying out of Perth in 9 wks.. im going Qantas, stop over in Singapore, for a few hrs then stright onto London..

  • 27 Jul 2008 GatorBrett1 said


    Air Berlin from MIA to TXL with layover in Dusseldorf. Service was very good and efficient, food was good, and boarding the plane was easy. However, because it is a budget airline, it has very poor IFE. But I got there safe and relatively cheap so everything went well.

  • 27 Jul 2008 Explorer1084391 said


    We are flying with Quantas from NZ

  • 27 Jul 2008 Rob said


    I am from Canada…I flew with British Airways. They were great!

  • 27 Jul 2008 helena said


    i flew singapore airlines and they were great, good food, good movies.

    stop over in singapore was easy and connecting flight to london was good 2.

    hav fun!

  • 30 Jul 2008 Andrew said


    ^good to know. Doing the same thing.

  • 30 Jul 2008 Reece said


    has anybody flown VIRGIN ATLANTIC ?

  • 2 Aug 2008 lesley said


    singapore airlines all the way baby! loved it and my first long haul flight and the meals were good. i even got moved to a block of seats to myself as the plane wasnt full even better!

  • 9 Sep 2008 Ky1987 said


    Hey there Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Im Flying Singapore Airlines from Perth to LA via Singapore and Tokyo in January and its good to hear people liked them lol… Im really looking forward to flying with them now…

    I have previously flown with Thai airlines as well and they are good as well Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Happy Travels

  • 9 Sep 2008 Princessvixen said


    In 2001 I flew Cathay Pacific – they were amazing! In 2006 I flew Lufthansa from America to England-also fantastic. On the way home I flew Singapore they beat any other airline hands down! This year I flew to America with Qantas NEVER AGAIN

  • 14 Sep 2008 chloe down said


    hey when we flew last year we went with royal bruni and they were fantastic, we rolled off the plane when we got to london, we stopped at bruni and dubai which was good cos it split the trip up

  • 14 Sep 2008 princess19 said



    Ill tell my story quickly: I booked my ticket in May, the cancelled my flight in June. They never updated my itenirary online, they never emailed me to tell me my flight was changed, and they said they called once and i didnt answer so they didnt bother to leave a message. I found out AFTER i was already in NY ( because they never bothered to update my original booking to reflect the new info). their customer service reps said “its not my problem” and refuse to do anything for me. My weekend was cut short and i WILL NEVER FLY THEM AGAIN!!! ( and i fly alot…). If you are flying to or from the US use another airline… one that cares about their customers….

    Thanks for letting me vent =)

  • 14 Sep 2008 shez and dan said


    We have not left yet but we are travelling from Sydney to London and return with Etihad. Has anyone travelled with them before?

  • 21 Sep 2008 cah0902 said


    I flew to NYC with Continental and we didn’t have any problems. But then again my teacher made all the arrangements.

  • 24 Sep 2008 Laura&Rich said


    We are flying with Etihad as well sydney to london 4 hour stopover in Abudabi/ Saudi Arabia. I’ve heard they are the brother company to Emirates! Any one else flown with them???

  • 24 Sep 2008 ally said


    im flying cathay pacific from melbourne to frankfurt.

  • 24 Sep 2008 Ang said


    When I went at the start fo the year, we flew JAL from Cairns (North Queensland) to Narita, Japan…they codeshare with QANTAS, so we had a QANTAS plane for that leg. They put us up for a night in a hotel at the airport, then we flew out to London the next day – it was great. The JAL leg was superior to QANTAS (and not just because we had been upgraded). Coming back the same way, JAL have individual entertainment systems, while QANTAS only has one big screen at the front – this could be because Japan to Cairns is only 7 hours?…tho coming home the plane was empty, so we could stretch out wherever we wanted.

    Unfortunately, bloody QANTAS have pulled their flights from Cairns, so my sister and I are now flying Cathay via HK to get to Italy for Christmas – but I hear they are pretty good.

  • 27 Sep 2008 Sam488 said


    I am going qantas via singapore unfortunally i had very short notice that i am going so the cheap flights were the same price as the qantas one and i got there heaps quicker with qantas

  • 8 Oct 2008 Jonno1985 said


    we flew malaysuia airlines
    ill give u a tip its probably cheaper from perth to fly with them because they land in kuala lumpur which is nice and close to perth (5 hr flight) and u can stay overnight in the 5 star airport hotel for like ninety bucks then catch ure plane to london the next morning. they are excellent to fly with
    have fun

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