Weak Bladder - can i use the coach toilet?

16 May 2010 Explorer1182530 asked

Heys guys, i was reading a post somewhere and it said that the coach toilet is only used in emergencies. I have a very weak bladder and probably would not be able to hold it for 3-4 hours between service stops. I could probably hold it for 2.5 hours maximum. <BR><BR>Im worried that if im hungover and need to drink lots of water, i dont want to be the annoying person who keeps using the toilet. If i dont drink water then my hangover could get worse. I dont want to be in such discomfort on my travels. <BR><BR>Did many people use the toilet on the coach on your tour? thank you in advance for your replies, it would help a lot.
  • 3 Feb 2014 Casey said


    Hi, im going on contiki in a couple of months and have a similar issue with the toilet. Was just wondering if all was ok or do i need to worry about not being allowed to go?

  • 4 Feb 2014 Sarah said


    Hi Casey,

    The last contiki I did you were allowed to use the toilet but they asked if you had to do anything more to wait until the service stops for the other people on the buses sake. :)

  • 4 Feb 2014 Casey said


    Thanks for replying Sarah,
    Thats great, panic over :P

  • 4 Feb 2014 Jordan said


    Typically they ask you to hold it if you can, but if its an emergency they aren’t going to say no! People used it on both of the contiki tours I did, so I don’t think you need to worry to much.



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