Booking the trip for 2007

1 Nov 2006 Hipjaz, the canuck from the T-Dot said

Hi there. i'm planning on going on the eurpoean advenurer tour towards the end of August of 2007. i'm about 50% sure that i'm going, i just need to figure out some financial things. when do you think should be my <B>ultimate last day</B> to book the trip? mind you, i'd still need to get visas (if i need them) money, pack, get plane tickets etc...<BR>thank you
  • 2 Nov 2006 PinaI said


    I guess it really depends on the actual tour itself. When I booked my first tour I booked in January for an August departure (I was just a tad keen). My second tour I booked in September for a December departure.

    If it’s a guranteed departure date then I would say, the earlier the better. They didn’t have those when I did my couple of tours! I would suspect they get pretty full pretty quick though.

    If it’s a tour that goes through a festival, like Oktoberfest or the one in Scotland (can’t think of the name at the moment) then same applies, I would expect they get fuller more quickly than others.

    The sooner you book the better but remember it doesn’t guarantee the tour will leave on that day, unless it is a guranteed departure date. I have heard of tours cancelling although have been fortunate enough for it to be neither of mine.

    Hope this helps!

  • 12 Nov 2006 Kelsha said


    I would book as early as possible to make the most of early bird discounts and also to ensure you get a guaranteed departure date.

    Forget about the 50% sure, make yourself 100% sure and go book it!

    I have just booked my trip for September 2007 and all I had to pay was a $200 deposit for Contiki and a $100 deposit for my airfares, I worked out a budget and am able to go into the travel agent every time I get paid to ‘pay off’ my trip. I even set up a spreadsheet that tells me when my next payment is due, how much I have paid, how much I have to go and so on…

    Just remember that with airfares, the seats seem to get more expensive the closer you are to the departure date, so for maximum savings, I say just make the commitment and go for it!

  • 12 Nov 2006 LiSa19 said


    I agree. I’ve just booked my trip and took advantage of the early bird specials and discounts at the travel expo. Saved a whole heap of $$$ you wouldn’t wanna leave it too late…

    Kelsha, I’m also leaving in Sept 07, doing the European Contrasts.. which one are you on?

  • 12 Nov 2006 Kelsha said

    Originally posted by LiSa19:
    Kelsha, I’m also leaving in Sept 07, doing the European Contrasts.. which one are you on?

    Hi Lisa, I am doing the European Panorama tour for 30(ish) days, plus a few days in London either side – should be awesome, can’t wait.



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