Time Out Tour Accomodation

30 Dec 2008 Explorer1117949 said

I am a little worried about the standard of accomodation that Contiki uses and hoping for some advice.

Im not a fussy person, I only look for a clean place to sleep and shower, Im just worried that the rooms will be dirty and have bugs, etc.
I'm ok with the hotels not being close to the city, and with the complaints of not a lot of hot water, more the bugs issue and cleanliness.

What has been people's experience of hotels in the following countries? Any particular reviews?

- Madrid (any feedback on Hotel Florida Norte)
- Barcelona
- Avignon, Spain
- French Rivieria
- Pisa
- Florence
- Rome (any feedback on Roma Park)
- Sorrento
- Corfu
- Athens (any feedback on Arion Hotel)

I am not yet sure of where I will be staying in each of the places, and any reviews would be great.
  • 1 Jan 2009 cdm115 said


    The only cities of those that i have been to with contiki are Florence and Rome (not Roma Park). The hotels were not the best of my tours, but were clean. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Italy offers the worst hotels of your tour, you’ll generally find the hotels clean, though sometimes old. If Contiki finds a hotel is below their standards they will stop using them.



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