Egypt & The Nile October 18th group!!

25 Jun 2013 TaniaMarie asked


I'm attending Egypt & The Nile tour scheduled for October 18th solo. Very excited to meet everyone!


  • 2 Jul 2013 NYGiantsFan said


    Wow people actually go to Egypt nowadays? They are on the verge of a possible civil war. Hope you guys bought insurance. Good luck!

  • 3 Jul 2013 Alexander said


    I’m booked to go, and pretty excited for it!

    Although based on whats going on at the moment in Egypt its pretty sketchy, hoping it does get resolved by the time we go.

  • 5 Jul 2013 TaniaMarie said


    Hi Florian. I’ve been holding out on even thinking about canceling, hoping that this crisis settles by the time we go. I really don’t want to cancel, I’ve heard so many great reviews regarding this trip. I did travel with contiki before. I did the Winter Wanderer trip in 2011. It was a month trip all over Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, London, Austria, Amsterdam, and a bunch other places). It was amazing and worth it. This time I’m going by myself which is different. My tour and flight are paid so hopefully we don’t have to cancel it. Fingers crossed!



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